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Monday, September 12, 2011

Key Makati Officers Get Quality Training with TalkShop

Along with Makati Mayor Junjun Binay’s executive team’s personality development program, two key executives, Makati Police Chief Col. Froilan Bonifacio and Makati Police Intelligence Chief Rey Garduque are undergoing a communication advancement program through a Speech Training and Presentation Skills workshop with TalkShop.

This reflects Makati City’s strong belief in excellent service through continuous training and development of its officers and staff. “TalkShop has become the preferred training provider of the city’s officers, staff, and youth for its holistic, values-laden training programs,” said the mayor. 

Col. Bonifacio and Intelligence Chief Garduque are in agreement about the suitability, relevance, and depth of the course content for their new roles and greater responsibilities ahead. “Communication is key. The need to interface with more people of all levels will require communicating at a higher level, honing listening skills to serve them with understanding and compassion, as well as imparting the corporate image we want to project for Makati. Beyond speech mastery and confidence building, the approach is global, thus enabling us to see beyond the weeds. It fosters the goodness within us, enhancing self-esteem while fortifying us with a fresh perspective. This makes us realize why we should value our work as public servants, thus stretching our potential.”

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