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- Sheila Viesca, TalkShop

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Creative Thinking and Communication Training for Techies

Scientists and engineers are gifted with problem-solving, logical thinking, and numeric abilities. With ease,they carry out their work – baffling yet enviable feats that pave the way for our fast and easy lifestyle.

Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO, notes how the technical field has changed as technology becomes integrated into our lives. She observes, “Engineers are now engaged in sales, customer service, training, and the supply chain that requires interacting with people. Many of them, at the start, use jargon understood only within their circle. Success inevitably comes when they improve theircommunication skills to be successful in their careers. Today, business writing, presentation skills, conversation expertise, and organization are requisite skills for them as well. They must learn to speak, write, and listen to excel at work.”

Viesca has taken on Communication Excellence Programs for Engineers of many firms and various industries, and noted how engineers easily catch up and even get better than their creative counterparts. She cites, “Creative types are able to grasp language easily as it is easy for them to master the frameworks of communication with their way of thinking. But technical people have a deeper grasp as they form the cells within the framework through their more complicated thought processes. It is just a matter of training and techies eventually become the company’s biggest communication assets.”

TalkShopis the leading ISO-certified training facility that is accredited with the Civil Service Commission. English proficiency and learning styles of participants are determined early on through tried and tested metrics before and after the training programs.

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Friday, August 08, 2014

How is Your FB Etiquette?

There is no official guide to Facebook etiquette. As a public platform that allows people to connect, users should always be sensitive. Yet, many go overboard,pick fights online, while some spook others.

Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO advises, “The social strength of Facebook makes it a fun medium to share conversations with friends. It is best to keep the fun aspect of this platform. As in any interaction, what countsis using one’s common sense, while being mindful that what you post can always be taken against you.” She shares the following tips:

1. Don’t be an addict. Steer clear of FB while working.

2. Think of your personal and professional reputation and those of others whenever posting messages and pictures. Think twice and ask yourself about the reaction these can elicit.

3. Do not overdo it. Posting every single activity can be annoying.

4. Don’t flaunt your possessions.

5. Share meaningful insights.

6. Don’t vent about work. News has a way of reaching those who you want to leave out of the equation.

7. Acknowledge posts and answer questions.Respond as well to those wholike your postings. When someone remains cold to you, it feels like facing a blank wall. This breeds indifference.

8. Do not engage in friend poaching, seeking those you do not know. You will come across as wanting to sell something or stalking. Conversely, do not accommodate people you do not know.

9. Send personal and sensitive messages privately.

10. Do not send chain e-mails that demand reposting on pain of dire consequences.

“Best of all, have a real life where you can take time out to meet and hug your friends,” adds Viesca

TalkShop, the leading ISO-certified training facility with Civil Service accreditation trains professionals on the ins and outs of business and social etiquette for the image with polish.

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