“Personal effectiveness is the core of our business.”
- Sheila Viesca, TalkShop

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Don’t Let the Role Models Go Astray.Do it the TalkShop Way.

Even the best people need intervention. Top sales people, dedicated leaders, passionate educators need constant improvement in their craft. Their consistent wins and accomplishments must be ensured.

Skills and beliefs that motivate individuals must be reinforced. They must be empowered on a regular basis so they always give their best and contribute to the team’s success.

TalkShop Trains Maybank Kids

TalkShop's Kiddie Workshop at Maybank head office proved that lectures do not have to be boring for learning to be educational. A fun-filled interactive program on Personality Development and Image Enhancement allowed the children to interact with one another, make new friends, showcase their talents, and even learn to walk like little a junior executive or a runway model!

TalkShop Launches TalkMasters Club

While silence may be golden, speech remains silver. And so to answer the needs of the verbally hungry, TalkShop has launched a new speaking club where anyone and everyone can develop their skills in Public Speaking.

While some people may join the club to exhibit their lingual prowess, majority of the delegates are aspiring speakers who wish to learn from one another the virtue of Communication Excellence. “Even the best speakers had to start somewhere. Always remember every master was once upon a time a disaster,” says TalkShop CEO, Sheila Viesca. She believes everyone should have the chance to be heard, which is why the TalkMasters Club is open to everyone from any field.

TalkShop Trains SeaOil

SEAOIL Philippines, Inc., the first independent fuel player in the country, taps the expertise of TalkShop to train its leaders in Business Writing and Effective Communication. SEAOIL Group of Companies employs highly motivated and skilled personnel who assist in aggressively constructing more service stations at strategic locations consistent with the company’s aim to be the service station of choice for Filipino motorists.

SEAOIL is known for its pioneering efforts in promoting biofuel in the Philippines, a practice that became the standard in the fuel industry. To ensure that the company supervisors and leaders are trained in better leading and communicating with their team, TalkShop has designed a Business Writing workshop for SEAOIL to develop the grammar and presentation skills of its team players. Supervisors are taught write succinctly and visualize success as they present their reports.

TalkShop Trains GlaxoSmithKline

GlaxoSmithKline, a market leader in the production of consumer products that are themselves market leaders, has tapped the services of TalkShop in training its local team to ensure that it remains one with its mission “to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.”

Why the need for communication excellence training when GSK is already carrying consumer products that are themselves market leaders - because everything counts. The total impression of the client is based on the appearance, presentation, and demeanor of the employees they deal with. Customers are constantly looking for reasons to trust a company. The job of any HR practitioner is to secure the best training for the employees so clients would want to keep trusting the company brand.

TalkShop Trains Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric, global leader in Energy Management, has tapped the expertise of TalkShop to train its supervisors and engineers in Grammar mastery and Presentation Skills. Several workshops were laid out throughout a one-year period so different teams and departments can participate in TalkShop’s customized communication training focusing on the American language, pronunciation drills, grammar tips, practical conversation, and effective presentation.

Alan Buena, APC HR Specialist said, "TalkShop knows how to adjust to the requirements and learning styles of the different departments. We keep getting their services because they never fail to bring out the best in our employees, not only in terms of speaking, but also in goal setting and confidence building."

TalkShop Trains Allied Botanical Corporation

Allied Botanical Corporation, the leading supplier, producer and breeder of vegetable seeds in the Philippines with a solid program for localized breeding, prides itself on its 2 decades of rigid selection and breeding of tropical vegetables.

Recently, the company has tapped the services of TalkShop as the external provider of communication excellence and personality development training for its team. Company officers were given the incentive of being trained by TalkShop consultants in Grammar, Speech , personality Development, Leadership, and Assertiveness Skills.

TalkShop Trains Automobile Industries

Companies that recognize how brands are built on excellent service demand the best from and for their people. TalkShop, considered the best institute for American language training and personality development has been in the business of helping companies train their ranks and officer to serve clients and represent their company in the best possible way.

TalkShop, in its twelve years of training people and companies has served the requirements of individuals and institutions from many fields of service. One such company is AAP, Automobile Association of the Philippines. AAP is the country’s biggest and oldest existing auto club. Founded in 1931 and formerly known as the Philippine Motor Association (PMA), AAP is a non-stock, not-for-profit organization committed to the general welfare of motorists in the Philippines.

TalkShop Powers Up Business Executives

In these challenging times where multi-tasking is the norm in the workplace, management communication takes on an even more important role as companies realize the need for maximum engagement of employees to achieve desired results. With the changing dynamics, management communication has evolved, requiring executives to do a balancing act – managing, leading, motivating, while setting their sights on the year’s goals. This is where personnel development comes in, with forward-looking companies investing in management and leadership training, and interpersonal communication.

Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO explains, "Today, business executives should learn how to communicate clearly, while setting directions and guiding their team. This requires not only facility with the language, but the ability to win the support and trust of their team. They should be able to speak and write with clarity, communicate with substance, while serving as a role model for employees to emulate. Today, the challenge is for companies to find the right training provider to address specific training needs. With TalkShop, we offer one-stop training services, addressing communication, management,leadership, corporate image, and behavioral concerns."

JGC Gets Neogitation Skills Training with TalkShop


JGC, a leading engineering firm, upgrades the communication skills of its high potential ranks consisting of engineer officers and supervisors with TalkShop’s Negotiation Skills and Assertiveness workshop conducted by Sheila Viesca,TalkShop CEO. This was held on March 21 and 22, 2012 at JGC’s office premises in Alabang.

GSIS Writers Upgrade Writing Skills with TalkShop


GSIS’ Office of the Corporate Secretary had successfully completed a Technical Writing workshop conducted by Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Cecile Matulac, Consultant at the GSIS office premises on March 28 and 29,2012 . A mixed group totaling 20, comprising of lawyers, division officers, and technical writers attended the 2-day practical workshop. The workshop delved on various business writing applications including memos, reports, correspondence, and minutes of the meeting.

Concepcion Carrier Builds Up Company Leaders

Concepcion Carrier, the trendsetter for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning equipment and services has tapped TalkShop anew for the development of staff being groomed for leadership positions. With communication ranking high in the company’s priorities, Grammar Mastery & Business Writing Workshop was conducted on the fourth quarter of 2011. This followed a Communication Excellence workshop was held earlier. Both were conducted by Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO.

Mary Rose Comon, Quality Assurance Team Leader shares, “ They never fail to mentor me very closely. Their courses really apply to my line of work. Their role-playing exercises and drills have been very helpful in building confidence, such that I have learned to be assertive without being abrasive.”

Allied Botanicals Experts Brush Up on Communication Skills


Allied Botanical, the country’s leading seed supplier and expert in fertilizer technology has sent some of its agriculture experts to TalkShop for a Communication Excellence workshop at TalkShop on the second quarter of 2012.

Jennifer Soriano, Customer Service Associate says, “We need to upgrade our presentation skills in terms of creation and delivery.

TalkShop Runs Personnel Development for SYSMEX Philippines


Sysmex, a leading supplier of equipment to the medical industry sets a premium on personal development in the face of challenging times. Aman Faran, Finance Manager says, “This is critical in upgrading the skills of our front liners which inadvertently impacts our image and bottom line.

Service firms advised to ramp up training | Business World

COMPANIES, PARTICULARLY those in the service industry, should invest more in communication training for employees amid increased scrutiny from customers, a workshop provider said.