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Thursday, February 01, 2018

Talkshop's Effective Communication and Cross-Culture Workshop Reviews

Effective Communication and Cross-Culture
November 22, 2017

Soledad Tayson, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism
The first three days of this program has been a very enriching experience for me. I learned a lot from the presentations and discussions. Ms. Sheila is a very good Speaker/Trainer. She has the mastery of topics at hand; very effective in giving instructions and examples that are easy to understand.
The workshop has made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses in oral and written communication. Also, I learned more about the cultural differences.

Soleil Tropicales, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism
Ms. Sheila is a natural inspirational Speaker. Even with the technical aspects of the topics, she was able to simplify them and explain them well to all of us. Her examples are relatable and realistic. The workshop is helpful in developing more of our skills as a leader and public servant.
The program design is relevant in preparation for a possible posting in the foreign offices. I like the topic on communicating with impact.
The Consultants are knowledgeable and were able to share their expertise well. I was able to strengthen the structure of my speaking and writing manner.

Eleanor Palima, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism
TalkShop workshop is highly recommended for those who seek self-improvement and who wish to gain confidence in public speaking. I learned new information on various cultures, framework in speech. I like communication excellence the most (opportunity for participants to practice speaking).
The Consultant has mastery of the topic. I become more conscious of pronunciation and grammar.

Josephine Andaya, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism
Because of this workshop, Ms. Sheila was able to enhance my effective oral communication skills. The design is on effective communication, public speaking and cross-culture communication.
Ms. Sheila is very knowledgeable and has mastery of all the topics. This workshop’s transformative effect is that of making us become a better person and communicator.
Wilson Telig, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism
This workshop should be a pre-requisite to all personnel who will be posted abroad. It is just a requirement. I like all areas of the program. The Consultants are very good and very accommodating.

Zuhairah Abas, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism
It is mind refreshing to have this kind of training and relearn the rules in grammar. I have learned much about communication. I love the programs handled by Ms. Sheila Viesca. She’s an excellent communicator as always. I love Ms. Sheila Viesca. Conformity is the key. I will remember that.

Cynthia Monzon, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism
I gave TalkShop a perfect 5 in every area.

Blando Soriano, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism
The first three days are very informative and educational. Ms. Sheila is very good in her topic. I like her style.

Mildred Fabi, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism
The Speakers from November 20-22 are both experts in their topics. I was able to learn pronunciation, use of articles, technical writing, business letters; and the cultures of USA, UK, and Germany.
Ms. Sheila is an excellent Trainer, you don’t want to miss any minute while she is discussing. I was able to overcome my stage fright.
Diosel Lubrin, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism
Everything is excellent about TalkShop workshop.  Enrichment of stock knowledge is the transformative effect.

Riza Macaibay, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism
I would like to thank Ms. Sheila and DOT for giving me this opportunity to participate in this training. This is the first training I have attended this year compared to my officemates. As a trainer, organizer and facilitator of trainings, this training is not just only an eye-opener but would capacitate me to be a better person and employee.
The program was planned and well-paced so far. I liked the exercises a lot especially on verb uses, pronoun and writing business letters.
Ms. Sheila and Mr. Michael are very knowledgeable about their topics and adapt well to the queries and demands of the participants. This experience made me realize that there are more to learn.

Kylee Doreene Plaza, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism
The program design is systematic and effective. Its content is relevant should the trainees be deployed overseas.  It also provides opportunities for practice through role playing.
The TalkShop Consultants are all professional and they work smart. They possess good communication and listening skills and are open to ideas of the trainees.   I was able to realize that we should continuously educate ourselves and enrich ourselves by reading books, watching educational videos, and exercising our communication skills constantly. 

Gary Nora Marie Gapas, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism
During the past 3 days, I’ve come to realize that my fear of public speaking is something I need to address.  With this seminar, I gained the courage to speak in front, improve my diction and writing skills. The program design is interesting, motivating, and something that we look forward to.  It is very useful and informative.
Ms. Sheila knows what she’s talking about. She’s a person who talks with integrity, a very good Speaker and Motivator. For the last 3 days my fear in addressing the public has lessened.   


Luz Navarro, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism
I learned a lot.  This is a very good opportunity for us who are already due for posting abroad as this would help us improve not only our speaking and writing skills but will help us in adjusting to our place of assignment.
The program is Communicating with Impact and Technical Writing. TalkShop Consultants have the expertise in the program designed and delivered the presentation in a manner that is expected, with materials needed to facilitate the topics effectively.

Manette Reyes, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism 
I came here with a little knowledge in foreign service but when I attended the seminar I learned a lot -from cultural diversities, technical writing, business etiquette, business letter writing, grammar and matters about sensibility.
I like everything about the program design. The Consultants are knowledgeable, good listeners, innovative, compassionate and willing to impart their expertise as Coaches and Consultants. I became more confident in talking in front.