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Friday, February 20, 2015

Tricky Interview Questions and Tips on How to Answer

Job hunters have to be sharp at the interview. With the accessibility of information, there is no excuse for arriving ill-prepared.Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO advises, “Applicants should anticipate frequently asked questions, and be ready with suitable answers. Sometimes, interviewers pose tricky questions just to test how prospects handle pressure.”
She dishes out sample questions that can put one off guard, with tips on how to answer:
1.       What kind of boss and associates do you find easiest or most difficult to get along with?
Always begin an answer in a positive light. Say that you are able to adjust with differing personalities, and that you get along best with a boss and associates who communicate clearly, are positive, andable to set, clear, realistic expectations that support the work.

2.       Why do you want to leave your job?
Avoid bad-mouthing your boss, or anyone for that matter. Rather, say it is time to move on to greater challenges that suit your goals and skills-set.

3.       What are your weaknesses?
Point out shortcomings that will have no bearing to the work you are applying for.

4.       What interests you about this job/organization?
Do your homework, and browse the company’s profile before you go for your interview. Your interest in the company and the job is being tested, so be ready  with  information  gathered about the company, its  industry, and your regard for these.

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