“Personal effectiveness is the core of our business.”
- Sheila Viesca, TalkShop

Friday, September 23, 2011

Win-Win Negotiation Training Offered by TalkShop

Negotiation is not just for business. It is a way of life, with situations each one must face, from the mundane to the complex in the daily grind of living. The situation becomes complicated in the workplace, where frontliners are expected to swing deals that will benefit the company.

“Negotiation is a skill that needs to be developed. Yet companies take this for granted, relying on staff that are, for the most part, untrained and ill-equipped to negotiate,” said Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO. She adds, “Whether it is buying, selling, handling customer complaints, transacting, or interfacing with superiors and colleagues, a company should invest in this training. It requires preparation, strategizing, establishing rapport, with the intent to keep relationships. And key to this is interactive communication, which is highlighted in our workshops.”

TalkShop’s Negotiation Skills and Assertiveness Training” covers all the bases. Learn to influence people, enhance social quotient, be assertive in a positive way, deal with confidence issues, and harness self-esteem, while keeping in mind corporate protocol with the rules, assertiveness exercises, and experiential learning.

Negotiate with confidence to benefit your company and enrich your personal life. Call 894-5588 and 501-5427 or log on to www.talkshop.ph for more information.

Monday, September 12, 2011

TalkShop Trains Nickel Asia Executives

Nickel Asia recently conducted a Technical Writing workshop, conducted by TalkShop CEO Sheila Viesca, for its administrative staff.

Elcie Cialana, Nickel Asia Human Resource Manager said, “It is encouraging to see the improvements, most notably in emails and reports churned out that show brevity and clarity. Beyond writing and editing, there’s a new level of confidence in the workplace, as participants have been made aware of common errors, superfluities and redundancies in business communication.”

Voltaire Mungcal, Nickel Asia’s Buyer likes the new-found confidence as he deals with suppliers. “What helped me most is the grammar review. In particular, I have usually felt confused with prepositions. It does not help any that in Filipino we have only the words ‘sa’ and ‘ng’ which are the counterparts of several English prepositions. The TalkShop workshop remedied that.”

Adding value to TalkShop workshops is the hardbound, copyrighted compendium designed in alignment with the communication styles and formats of the company being trained. “Other course materials are thrown away after some time, but TalkShop’s compendium is so relevant and practical to use. I have mine in my office for easy reference for all my writing tasks,” adds Mungcal.

TalkShop which specializes in communication workshops is affiliated with the US-based International English Education Research Association (IEERA).

TalkShop Celebrates 11th Anniversay with New Service

TalkShop celebrates its 11th year as a corporate training provider with a new service offering for its corporate clientele.

“In the course of dealing with our clients and prospects, we have seen the need for competency assessment by private firms and government agencies, large and small alike,” noted Sheila Viesca, CEO. “Hence, it makes sense for us to offer a competency assessment program to help organizations identify actual needs, so they can take the right direction towards hiring, training, and development,” she added.

TalkShop designs tools for assessing core competencies based on the company’s mission, vision, and corporate values. These include assessing thinking styles, communication competence, speaking styles, supervisory and leadership skills using temperament sorters, personality inventories, and archetype evaluations. The service includes design of the assessment tools, employee need evaluation, and training recommendations.

In these times when companies are streamlining, it will pay for an organization to know what kind of person is being hired and promoted. The emotional and social quotients would always come into the picture. Equally important is finding out if an applicant makes a right fit for the job and company for a win-win situation. This is where TalkShop can help.

TalkShop Firms Public Seminar Schedules

TalkShop, a leading provider of corporate communication programs, is holding a series of public seminars in the last quarter of 2011 to be conducted by Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO. Slated are workshops in Technical Writing with Grammar Mastery on October 15, Speech Eloquence with Presentation Skills on October 29, Communication Training for Sales People on November 19, and Etiquette Training for Professionals on November 26. The selected venue for the public seminar is the Tower Club, Philamlife Tower in Makati.

Viesca informed, “While we are accommodating the popular demand for these topics from several companies, the workshops are also open to educators, professionals, freelancers, and students who wish to further develop communication competencies which are essential to success in every field.”

The first modules in line, Technical Writing with Grammar Mastery (Oct. 15) and Speech Eloquence with Presentation Skills (Oct. 29), will bring participants’ communication skills to professional standards, in keeping with their company’s desired branding. These workshops will empower participants with communication competence, self-confidence, critical thinking, planning and organizing skills that will be useful in day to day dealings. In store are various modes of learning that take into consideration varied adult learning styles.

Those taking the first 2 modules in October will find the relevant progression in the succeeding courses in November, Communication for Sales People (Nov. 19) and Etiquette Training for Professionals (Nov. 26), that cap the well-rounded training series in speech, presentation, grammar, and personality development.

TalkShop, which is affiliated with the US-based English Education Research Association (IEERA), has been in the business of corporate training for more than a decade, adopting Integrated Language Teaching (ILT), a method which Sheila Viesca pioneered in the country in 2002.

Seminar fee is P4,000/workshop. Package discounts may be availed at P 7,500/2 seminars, P 9,500/3 seminars, and P 12,500/all four. Fees include meals, coffee, snacks, certificate with international affiliation, and course materials.

Graduate Students Hone Creativity Through TalkShop Classes

The Asian Social Institute (ASI) has started incorporating in their graduate programs TalkShop’s Speech and Creative Writing course. TalkShop CEO, Sheila Viesca handles the Saturday classes at the graduate school’s premises that cater to mostly religious graduate students counting priests, missionaries, monks, and nuns from China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia.

Reverend Bante, a Buddhist monk in the group shared, “Creative writing has always been a struggle for me, but Ms. Viesca showed how natural it can be by listening to my core and expressing my voice through reflection, taking heed of life’s lessons on growing, loving, and healing, and opening my heart to write about these experiences. I now know that writing is a journey that I look forward to pursuing it. He added, “The skills I have learned are interwoven with speaking as I practice valuable lessons in creative thinking and confidence building that will be put to best use in my work for my communities.”

TalkShop specializes in communication programs for companies, organizations and professionals. “All our programs are customized to suit our clients’ concerns and considerations, going beyond canned program as needs vary with each client having varied reasons for honing their communication competence,” explained Viesca.

TalkShop Speech Training for Sales People

In less than ideal business conditions, it takes more to sell your company, products, and services. With the right products already in place, your sales people are key to realizing your bottomline. Yet, for years they have been winging it, with a lackluster sales performance that is costing the company.

Turn the tide with a Speech Training Program that will impact your image, services, people, and profits. TalkShop’s SPEECH TRAINING FOR SALES PEOPLE will transform your sales force from order takers and salesmen to Sales Consultants who will earn the trust and goodwill of your clients.

Your sales team will acquire the art and skills of presenting your company’s story with clear, concise, and dramatic presentations. They will learn to be likeable, convincing, and engaging after learning to overcome their diffidence and self-consciousness. They will master organizing ideas, creating pictures in your clients’ minds, connecting with your customers, formulating questions that will lead to a sale, projecting professionalism and credibility.

Communication is key. And since it takes two to communicate, they will learn to communicate with depth – connecting logic with creativity. Best of all, they will learn to speak from your clients’ point of view. This is communicating from the heart, as they learn to relate better with customers, realizing their real needs as they link these with your products and services.

Win your customers over. It all starts with a makeover of your sales team.

TalkShop Personality Development for Bankers

After the successful run of a series of communication programs by TalkShop, United Coconut Planters Bank decided on a fresh approach for its regular in-house Personality Development program for bank officers.

Stella Fulgencio, UCPB AVP said, “We saw how our employees have evolved in terms of communication, values, and outlook after the workshops conducted by TalkShop CEO Sheila Viesca, who I know can inject new dynamics into our Personality Development program. What’s new about TalkShop’s program is the total approach, integrating the basics such as Grooming, Hygiene, Manners, Confidence Building, Client Relations, and Corporate Protocol with Good Communication and Customer Service that are essential in the light of stiff competition in the industry.”

Sheila Viesca affirmed that, “While peripherals play an important role in development, cultivating personal integrity is the fundamental feature of this program. We go beyond the surface, integrating character with personality that is essential in personal improvement and advancement.”

TalkShop customizes communication programs that meet the needs of any organization. These are invariably linked with a company’s mission and vision that make them relevant and meaningful.

TalkShop Creative Writing Retreat Slated in September

TalkShop, premiere provider of corporate communication training is holding a Creative Writing Retreat in September. The 2-day workshop will be conducted by Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO, a seasoned communications expert, who is also concurrently faculty member at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), where she teaches Research Writing to Business Development graduate students.

Viesca is credited with pioneering Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in the Philippines in 2002. This teaching style, also known as tapestry approach, incorporates all language skills – reading, writing, listening, and speaking, as it focuses on grammar mastery.

“This workshop is open to the young and young at heart who take their craft seriously. We offer a positive, engaging, supportive, and relaxed environment where each writer can enjoy challenging and fun exercises to learn how to make every word talk, to build skills in telling his story, to find his muse and his voice, and to leverage his strengths as a writer,” said Viesca.

Salespeople, educators, decision makers, and writers will feel at home with the freewriting exercises, the lively, interactive discussions, and the creative, fun atmosphere as they meet like-minded people.

TalkShop Trains Kawasaki Motors Philippines Sales Team

Key officers and sales executives of Kawasaki Motors Philippines brushed up on sales, marketing, and leadership skills with TalkShop’s Effective Salesmanship and Presentation Skills Workshop held at the Asian Institute of Management.

The 3-day workshop was conducted by Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO, who engaged the group in an interactive program covering first impressions, listening, preparing the script, presentation mastery, asking questions, negotiation skills, assertiveness training, handling objections, closing, and after-sales attitude.

Chairman Inoue of Kawasaki said, “The situational exercises that dealt with various realistic scenarios were educational, spot-on, and therefore very helpful to us who take on regional sales. The KMPC executive team feels empowered after the TalkShop workshop with learnings on customer service, corporate presentations, and speech eloquence.”

This career-enhancing workshop for sales managers, executives, and brokers is marketing-focused to upgrade the company’s sales force, increase the bottomline, and enhance corporate branding.

TalkShop Trains ALT Cladding Top Brass

The General Manager and Vice Presidents of ALT Cladding successfully completed a Presentation Mastery Workshop by TalkShop, conducted by Sheila Viesca, CEO.

Desiree Manlapaz, ALT Cladding General Manager said, “We need to stay ahead not only in terms of service, but in the form and substance of our sales presentations. Beyond the usual communication workshop, we need to learn consultative selling to better serve our customers and put forward the best image for the company, with the aim of closing the deal.” She added, “We reaped the fruits of TalkShop’s public seminar attended by our trainees early this year, so it was a shoo-in to run this program which has been customized for those of us who give presentations to owners, investors, advisers, and decision makers in the field of construction.” 

Nancy Marie Somera, ALT Cladding VP of Design observed, “Everyone felt relaxed in this workshop that boosted our level of confidence. I appreciate most the personality dynamics, creative thinking, use of visual, vocal, and verbal techniques, and the weaving of content with style that leads to a sale. This proactive approach to customer service through effective presentation will benefit both our local and international clients.” 

TalkShop Trains NAPOCOR Trainers

Veteran trainers of the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) got a booster with a “Training the Trainer” workshop by Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO. The 2-day session was conducted after many years of mostly in-house training sessions held by the state-owned power company in various installations across the country.

Talkshop’s intensive program combined the technical side of training replete with presentation skills, assertiveness training, self-mastery and bridge-building using its signature Integrated Language teaching (ILT) approach pioneered in the Philippines by Viesca in 2002. With ILT, participants’ common points of confusion and errors are effectively addressed and immediately corrected in relevant activities.

Abner Eleria of Napocor said, “It was a dynamic and meaningful learning session that has given me an energized perspective towards work and training effectiveness. Beyond the technical and communication aspects, I was struck by the journey to self discovery that helped me appreciate myself and others better. This will be most useful as I try to balance being both compassionate and proactive in managing workshops and engaging participants.” 

TalkShop Trainers’ Workshop focuses on self-mastery and evaluation strategies, feature leadership style analysis using the Enneagram, Ego, Persona, and Shadow Awareness and Archetype Review. Skills enhancement activities focus on theme selection, material preparation, individual assessment, and formatting of after-training reports. 

TalkShop coaches corporate trainers to be engaging, charismatic, effective, assertive as they learn to help foster unity and team spirit in the workplace.

TalkShop Teacher Training for CKIS

In line with its commitment to provide quality international education, Casa Kalayaan International School partnered with Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO to conduct an English Proficiency Program for its teachers. In attendance were 20 faculty members and Ms. Joanne Prieto, the school administrator and owner.

Prieto takes her advocacy in teaching excellence seriously with an academic environment that is student-centric and where nature and nurture complement each other. Casa Kalayaan boasts of Calvert School accreditation which is internationally recognized. Casa Kalayaan has a certificate of recognition from the Department of Education (DepED).

“A teacher’s classroom success relies heavily on effective communication skills. This is why we believe in continuous education for our teachers who must grow beyond mastery of their respective subject expertise. Speech, writing, and presentation skills are key,” Prieto emphasized. 

"With TalkShop’s communication module, my teachers had a heyday as they were kept updated and refreshed through TalkShop’s communicative language approach, with focus on writing with grammar mastery, speech with confidence building, and personality development with makeover session,” she added.

TalkShop Trains World Scout Bureau

The World Scout Bureau (WSB), an international organization that aims to provide services for the promotion of scouting throughout the world has picked TalkShop as its training provider for its Writing Workshop for key executives. 

Luz Taray, Asia Pacific Regional Office Director for Publication & Relationships informed that “after the positive feedback from a couple of employees that trained extensively with TalkShop, it makes sense to work with them on our companywide training participated in by our multicultural officers. The added benefit is TalkShop’s strong track record in cross-culture communication.”

WSB’s business writing module will see application in its website, correspondence, memos, circulars, solicitation letters, project proposals, as well as presentation series. TalkShop highlights the cultural dimensions of communication to address the considerations of the participants which include Filipinos, Indians, and Algerians. The communication program comes replete with protocol to be observed in various writing requirements. 

TalkShop specializes in communication training, business etiquette programs, and motivational workshops with a growing clientele of Top 1000 Corporations tucked in its belt.

D & L Executives Get a Special Study Primer from TalkShop

As part of management training for its key officers, D & L Industries held a special primer on Speed Reading and Effective Study Habits for its Marketing, Sales, Administrative, and Technical teams. The workshop was conducted by TalkShop in July at their office premises.

“We held this one-day special course to retool our officers, preparatory to their mini-MBA course at the Ateneo Graduate School. With most of them out of school for quite some time, it is imperative that we get them in a study mode, and equip them with the needed skills to benefit from this challenging educational program,” said Dean Lao, D & L President.

He added, “Participants raved about the time saved as they employ effective reading and comprehension in their documentations and planning. This, together with effective study habits cut work time, allowing them to cope as they balance work, study, and their personal lives.”

For her part, TalkShop CEO Sheila Viesca explained, “This study course is our latest offering that companies will find productive. The top brass and managers will feel empowered as they effectively observe time management while increasing reading comprehension that makes for greater substance in both study and reports. The truth is, studying is carried over from school to the workplace – with research to be carried out, presentations to be conducted, clients to figure out, and live case studies that confront us. As such, we need to employ the best practices to their maximum advantage.”

Plan International Gets Writing Upgrade with TalkShop

Plan International, one of the largest and oldest international children’s development organizations has chosen TalkShop to advance the communication competence of their Sponsorship Officers who handle satellite operations nationwide. 

The organization aims to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of deprived children, with the end view of helping them realize their full potential. This is carried out through a process that unites people and cultures across the globe. 

The local operations has grown through the years, bringing hope and opportunity to some 30,000 underprivileged children through the generosity of sponsors from Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, Norway, the Netherlands, Australia, Denmark, and Ireland.

With this year’s thrust to forge partnerships with local and international stakeholders, we will have to upgrade the proficiency level of our Sponsorship Officers, specifically in Technical Writing,” says Cathy Seco, Sponsor & Grants Support Manager. She adds, “For this purpose, we chose TalkShop which is best suited to meet our concerns – to train our Sponsorship Officers on mindfulness by putting themselves in the shoes of our sponsors who have their wards’ best interests in mind, paying attention to quality writing structure by fusing both creativity and logic, imparting purposively the good deeds for people to know more about and appreciate the organization; to look after the system and database; and to train them on email etiquette, while watching out for the hazards that confront children on the Internet.” 

“With the comprehensive module that TalkShop has customized, we know we are on track in bringing about positive change for our children,” adds Seco.

TalkShop's Personality Development that Empowers

More than just refining and polishing one’s self, TalkShop’s Personality Development workshop integrates character building with personality development for the complete package. 

“As without, so within” characterizes the nature of the workshop which is customized to address the client’s concerns. Client needs vary from Corporate Grooming, Assertiveness Training, Confidence Building, Team Building and on to the most basic Personal Hygiene.

“Nothing is too complex nor too basic. Whatever a client needs, we can customize into a meaningful curriculum. Integral in the program is the incorporation of personal integrity,” explains Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO. “In all, we are targeting wholeness of character for each participant to harness his full potential. And it all starts with knowing oneself. It is the journey to self that participants of this course find most worthwhile. Our commitment begins with the improvement of interpersonal relationships that promote greater morale and productivity in the workplace.” She adds.

TalkShop Offers Educator Program

For years now, TalkShop, a leading English communication consultancy, has been working closely with the Department of Education (DepEd), schools, and universities in line with its goal to promote excellence and innovation in education.

TalkShop CEO Sheila Viesca says, “The need for continuous education and self-development for our teachers and educators cannot be emphasized enough. On their shoulders lie the critical task of teaching and molding our youth that should not be limited within the classroom walls. Teaching skills should be updated and upgraded, for them to impart knowledge that is relevant, not only in the academe but also in the school of life.”

In store is an intensive program that integrates grammar mastery, communication expertise, personality development, accent training, presentation skills, and assertiveness training. With such programs, educators learn to think creatively, speak logically, and conduct themselves confidently. 

“It is all about mastering one’s craft which in turn should help students broaden their dimensions of thinking and learning,” explains Viesca who has widened her teaching sphere from corporate workshops to being in the faculty of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), where she teaches Research Writing to Development Management graduate students.

TalkShop’s Educator Program, enriched with learning tools is carried out using Integrated Language Teaching (ILT), an interactive, wholistic communicative approach Sheila Viesca pioneered in 2002.

TalkShop Communication Workshop for the Religious

Even the Religious are benefiting from TalkShop’s Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) through workshops designed for their special tasks of preaching, counseling, writing, and spreading the Word.

TalkShop’s program for the Religious highlights speech fluency, confidence building, and creativity to enable participants to think and speak from the heart. “For the Religious, we aim to develop speech and presentation skills, to build confidence, and to help cultivate both creative and analytical thinking,” said Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO. 

The entire community of San Carlos Seminary along with Immaculate Conception Minor Seminary and various congregations all over the country have partnered with TalkShop for the training needs of their seminarians, novices, nuns, and priests. 

Sheila Viesca explains further, “Spirituality has to be expressed effectively and meaningfully. The approach is personable and conversational, the message is logical and straight to the point, as it must always come from the heart.

TalkShop’s mission of teaching wholistic language skills empowers the Religious and corporate person alike as they deepen their vocation and self-mastery through the power of creative expression, coherent writing, and confident presentation. 

TalkShop's Personality Development Training Raises the Bar

Personality Development takes on a new dimension with TalkShop’s enhanced curriculum. 
“Beyond the run-of-the-mill business etiquette program that runs the gamut of personality development, proper grooming and hygiene, and code of conduct, we target the total person’s transformation, for which communication excellence forms an integral part.” says Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO.

Viesca is credited with pioneering Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in the Philippines in 2002. This communicative and interactive style of incorporating all language skills – reading, writing, listening, and speaking—is assimilated into all our workshops. It lends added value to our Corporate Etiquette Training that goes beyond the academic and theoretical. The benefits will be evident in terms of the use of business protocol, wholeness of character, expert use of language, and improved assertiveness and interpersonal skills,” explains Viesca.

TalkShop’s Corporate Etiquette Training has been conducted successfully among the country’s top corporations, schools, universities, religious communities, business executives, and professionals. The practical and meaningful program incorporates urbanity with tradition for a seamless, dignified business style that every company needs to make the best impression, attract clients, and enjoy the edge.

Key Makati Officers Get Quality Training with TalkShop

Along with Makati Mayor Junjun Binay’s executive team’s personality development program, two key executives, Makati Police Chief Col. Froilan Bonifacio and Makati Police Intelligence Chief Rey Garduque are undergoing a communication advancement program through a Speech Training and Presentation Skills workshop with TalkShop.

This reflects Makati City’s strong belief in excellent service through continuous training and development of its officers and staff. “TalkShop has become the preferred training provider of the city’s officers, staff, and youth for its holistic, values-laden training programs,” said the mayor. 

Col. Bonifacio and Intelligence Chief Garduque are in agreement about the suitability, relevance, and depth of the course content for their new roles and greater responsibilities ahead. “Communication is key. The need to interface with more people of all levels will require communicating at a higher level, honing listening skills to serve them with understanding and compassion, as well as imparting the corporate image we want to project for Makati. Beyond speech mastery and confidence building, the approach is global, thus enabling us to see beyond the weeds. It fosters the goodness within us, enhancing self-esteem while fortifying us with a fresh perspective. This makes us realize why we should value our work as public servants, thus stretching our potential.”

Writing By Hand Strengthens the Learning Process

Writing By Hand Strengthens The Learning Process;
When Typing On A Keyboard, This Process May Be Impaired

Associate professor Anne Mangen at the University of Stavanger's Reading Centre asks if something is lost in switching from book to computer screen, and from pen to keyboard. 

The process of reading and writing involves a number of senses, she explains. When writing by hand, our brain receives feedback from our motor actions, together with the sensation of touching a pencil and paper. These kinds of feedback is significantly different from those we receive when touching and typing on a keyboard. 

Learning by Doing 

Together with neurophysiologist Jean-Luc Velay at the University of Marseille, Anne Mangen has written an article published in the Advances in Haptics periodical. They have examined research which goes a long way in confirming the significance of these differences. 

An experiment carried out by Velay's research team in Marseille establishes that different parts of the brain are activated when we read letters we have learned by handwriting, from those activated when we recognise letters we have learned through typing on a keyboard. When writing by hand, the movements involved leave a motor memory in the sensorimotor part of the brain, which helps us recognise letters. This implies a connection between reading and writing, and suggests that the sensorimotor system plays a role in the process of visual recognition during reading, Mangen explains. 

Other experiments suggest that the brain's Brocas area is discernibly more activated when we are read a verb which is linked to a physical activity, compared with being read an abstract verb or a verb not associated with any action. 

"This also happens when you observe someone doing something. You don't have to do anything yourself. Hearing about or watching some activity is often enough. It may even suffice to observe a familiar tool associated with a particular physical activity," Mangen says. 

Since writing by hand takes longer than typing on a keyboard, the temporal aspect may also influence the learning process, she adds. 

The term 'haptic' refers to the process of touching and the way in which we communicate by touch, particularly by using our fingers and hands to explore our surroundings. Haptics include both our perceptions when we relate passively to our surroundings, and when we move and act. 

A Lack of Focus 

There is a lot of research on haptics in relation to computer games, in which for instance vibrating hand controls are employed. According to Mangen, virtual drills with sound and vibration are used for training dentists. 

But there has been very little effort to include haptics within the humanistic disciplines, she explains. In educational science, there is scant interest in the ergonomics of reading and writing, and its potential significance in the learning process. 

Mangen refers to an experiment involving two groups of adults, in which the participants were assigned the task of having to learn to write in an unknown alphabet, consisting of approximately twenty letters. One group was taught to write by hand, while the other was using a keyboard. Three and six weeks into the experiment, the participants' recollection of these letters, as well as their rapidity in distinguishing right and reversed letters, were tested. Those who had learned the letters by handwriting came out best in all tests. Furthermore, fMRI brain scans indicated an activation of the Brocas area within this group. Among those who had learned by typing on keyboards, there was little or no activation of this area. 

"The sensorimotor component forms an integral part of training for beginners, and in special education for people with learning difficulties. But there is little awareness and understanding of the importance of handwriting to the learning process, beyond that of writing itself," Mangen says. 

She refers to pedagogical research on writing, which has moved from a cognitive approach to a focus on contextual, social and cultural relations. In her opinion, a one-sided focus on context may lead to neglect of the individual, physiological, sensorimotor and phenomenological connections. 

Interdisciplinary Collaboration 

Within the field of psychology, there is an awareness of the danger of paying too much attention on mentality. According to Mangen, perception and sensorimotor now play a more prominent role. 

"Our bodies are designed to interact with the world which surrounds us. We are living creatures, geared toward using physical objects - be it a book, a keyboard or a pen - to perform certain tasks," she says. 

Being a media and reading researcher, Anne Mangen is a rare bird within her field of study. And she is very enthusiastic about her collaboration with a neurophysiologist. 

"We combine very different disciplines. Velay has carried out some very exciting experiments on the difference between handwriting and the use of keyboards, from a neurophysiologic perspective. My contribution centres on how we - as humans with bodies and brains - experience the writing process, through using different technologies in different ways. And how these technologies' interfaces influence our experience," she concludes. 

Trond Egil Toft 
University of Stavanger http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/214297.php

TalkShop's ILT Approach Now Enhanced with Speed Reading

It is Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) that sets TalkShop above other
English communication centers. This approach fuses the interactive,
communicative style of the West with the creative style of the
East. Whether for one-on-one coaching, group sessions, or corporate workshops, ILT has proven to be an effective and engaging method of
teaching that brings out the best in participants.

“Active participation is the norm for our workshops. Through this, our
participants are able to find their voice and build their confidence”, says
Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO. “But beyond confidence, we are able
to help them develop their self-esteem as they get in touch with their
logical or creative side, whichever needs enhancing. This is critical in
order to communicate intelligently,” she adds.

Viesca is credited with introducing ILT in the country in 2002.
Today, she has enhanced the teaching approach with speed reading,
which should expedite day-to-day operations in the workplace for
professionals. Students will also stand to benefit as they learn to read
more effectively and distinguish which materials to read with speed or
with more care.

Learning speed reading with the ILT approach is sharpening one’s
language skills in order to work smarter at home, in school, or at
the workplace.

TalkShop Sets Culture of Learning in Top Organizations

TalkShop is paving the way for a culture of learning and excellence in many of the
country’s top corporations. And this bodes well for its clients who value training as
an indispensable tool to greater productivity.

Our “Training the Trainer” course is geared at developing HR officers
and corporate coaches to take on the all-important role of training in an
organization. “We offer a comprehensive workshop that enables learning, enhances
awareness, and boosts confidence of participants to help them inspire themselves
and their colleagues towards continual improvement. And participants will
experience TalkShop’s signature interactive, communicative approach that is
engaging, meaningful, and even life-changing ,” says Sheila Viesca, TalkShop

“Training the Trainer” can be enhanced further to suit a company’s needs. In
effect, participants turn out to be in-house experts of their organization , who
leave the workshops ready to take on an engaging approach to training, interacting
with people, formulating dynamic, and meaningful curricula, and taking on the
leadership role, as they motivate the work force.

TalkShop Offers Copywriting that Hits the Mark

In the Age of Information, intelligent content is key. For any
organization, it is of utmost importance to come up with a good story –
one that is sincere, unique, and relevant. Whether the message is meant
online or offline, it has to be well-researched for the desired positioning,
well-written for impact, and expertly-edited for polish.

“It is all about branding,” says Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO, who has
expanded business operations from conducting corporate seminars and
workshops to offering writing services. “At TalkShop, every word
should tell . Our seasoned, well-rounded writers and proofreaders bring
in their writing prowess, English fluency, logic, and creativity . This
is how we are able to deliver creative and technical writing solutions
accurately, concisely, and professionally.”

Offering writing services is a logical next move for Viesca who also
teaches Research Writing to Business Development graduate students as
a faculty member of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). Viesca
is also a published writer.

TalkShop offers a host of writing services for companies and
individuals, including website content, news and features writing,
brochures, sales letters, catalogs, manuals, speech materials, among

Local Government Takes Corporate Etiquette with TalkShop

Living up to its status as the country’s premiere municipality, the Makati City Local Government office now boasts a higher level of efficiency. The Mayor’s Executive Team is undergoing regular Corporate Etiquette and Personality Development Workshops with TalkShop beginning April 2011.

Mayor Junjun Binay concedes, “The municipality has to continually upgrade its services, so front liners have to be trained to deliver service that pleases. And this goes beyond the surface with TalkShop’s meaningful module that addresses our needs.”

On top of grooming, makeover, professional manners, and dining etiquette, were Assertiveness Training, Codes of Chivalry for the men, Tonality & Expressions for Effective Communication, Handling Difficult Situations and Addressing Concerns replete with exercises and discussions that participants find most helpful.

“In the end, we work together with Sheila Viesca and her TalkShop group to continuously improve ourselves and afford our constituents with positive experiences through the excellent service that they most deserve,” the mayor adds.

Social Media Writing by TalkShop

Following the successful run of the Technical Writing workshop for Smart Communications in March 2011, TalkShop, with its Lead Trainer and CEO Sheila Viesca, is conducting a series of Social Network Interface Workshops as the telecommunication company’s exclusive training provider for English communication and social corporate communication training.

Smart Communications Account Manager Dave Asencio said, “With the TalkShop group’s expertise in targeted training designs, they even exceeded the set workshop objectives. Beyond the communication training, they reinforce Smart’s corporate branding and the personnel’s adherence to the company values as we bring our business into the internet.”

Smart Communications has selected three of its departments to undergo varying levels of communication training with TalkShop. Skills that were strongly enhanced were technical and social media writing, logical thinking, customer care, handling complaints, confidence building, presentation skills, proofreading. The objective is to translate training towards skills in the form of immediate, appropriate, and relevant replies via chats, blogs, emails that boost the company’s image as professional, respectable, and reliable.

Smart Communications and TalkShop are working together on the follow-through design, Social Media Writing workshop. Another interactive, research-based training that underscores excellent customer service in online communication and interaction.

The Power of Storytelling Through TalkShop

TalkShop, a premiere facility that specializes in English language training and corporate communication workshops, offers storytelling workshops for professionals, educators, school administrators, parents, and students who wish to develop their skills in the creative art of storytelling.

“With the harried pace of life, parents just do not have time to engage their children in the many benefits of storytelling. And there are many—kids develop their listening and sequencing skills, enhance visual imagery, build vocabulary, develop literacy, learn values, insights, good habits, and hone communication skills—that are essential to success, setting into place an excellent knowledge base,” says Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO.

Viesca pursues this as a spin-off from personal experience with her son. “I noted that buying good books for my son was not enough to get him started. There is a marked difference in the face-to-face encounter with storytelling, allowing me to engage my son. I introduce each character to him, breathe spirit into the story which takes on emotion for an added dimension. I then ask him to illustrate his own page to build his self-esteem and creativity,” she explains.

Viesca is currently the in-house storyteller at Fully Booked. It is also her second year as language expert with the Enfakid A+ Gain System campaign for which she evaluates learning programs for women and children.

Advanced Personality Development Workshop by TalkShop

More than just the usual personality development workshop, TalkShop offers a values-laden package. “Everyone can do with a self-enhancement course, which is why our clients almost always integrate this topic into their corporate communication workshops,” says Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO, who has been conducting seminars for over a decade now.

Politicians and government/private employees realize the benefits of polishing their image. But beyond face value, TalkShop emphasizes the need for a total package. “We make over our clients into vibrant individuals, emphasizing the need for credibility and integrity in communication. Image goes beyond one’s looks. It is the sum of one’s personality and character as perceived by others. This is why our workshops put a premium on values. We help polish and re-invent our students as we guide them to evolve into the best that they can be through a journey to self using tools like the archetype, enneagram, and MBTI,” explains Viesca.

TalkShop’s Personality Development program is a holistic training for executives, businessmen, professionals, celebrities, educators, and students, which covers Grammar Mastery, Verbal Yoga, Food for the Soul, Conversation Expertise, Corporate Image, Urbanity & Good Grooming, Character Building & Self Evaluation, Social Graces & Fine Dining, among others.

Fujitsu Ten Forges Partnership with TalkShop

Fujitsu Ten, one of the country’s Top Ten Corporations, has contracted the training services of TalkShop for its supervisors and staff being groomed for leadership positions. Three batches of supervisors and line leaders will benefit from the “Management Communication and Leadership Training” workshop. This commenced in November 2010 with its supervisors in attendance, succeeded by another session in February for production line leaders, and another in April for a new batch of supervisors.

An ISO-certified company, Fujitsu Ten gave the nod to TalkShop as training provider because of the suitability of its module in form and substance that will impart the company’s quality standards. “This should help us on our way to earning our certification once again this year,” said Rochelle de Castro, Fujitsu Ten HR. TalkShop’s course content focuses on leadership through effective coaching and mentoring for which communication is vital.

The participants had their favorite lessons to take from the workshop; however, they agreed that the individuation process is most helpful in their personal success to benefit the company. The evaluation based on their enneagram and archetype took them on an enlightened journey on a discovery of self and others. “For an ISO-certified company that relies on team spirit, this was a meaningful and relevant exercise,” de Castro commented.

TalkShop customizes training modules according to a company’s objectives, needs, and concerns.

Hitachi Joho Chooses TalkShop for Long-term Program

Hitachi Joho Japan is setting global service standards for its key personnel through intensive, meaningful workshops as arranged by its local partner SpiceWorx, which forges alliances between Japanese firms and Asian companies.

For the company’s communication requirements, TalkShop had been singled out as the training provider of choice because of the versatility and flexibility of its tried and tested training programs in the face of varying proficiency levels and backgrounds of Hitachi personnel, as well as the expertise of TalkShop trainers.

“We have seen the successful outcome of TalkShop’s programs, batch after batch, which has won over the respect and loyalty of Hitachi Joho, hence the three year contract,” said Tae Abe- Abion, SpiceWorx General Manager.” She added, “What makes the programs effective is its holistic approach to language learning that is values-laden, conducted in an atmosphere of fun. The Japanese nationals are thoroughly engaged in activities appropriate to their learning styles and proficiency levels, and are appropriate to the business context.”

For the last batch this year, two groups arrived for separate workshops. “Business English” for Project Managers, which featured Business English Dialogues and Idiomatic Expressions, Culture and Etiquette, Management, was conducted at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). While the other batch made up of new hires, mostly Network Engineers were trained in the same program “Conversational English” at the University of the Philippines.

The language barrier is easing, with Japanese companies selecting training providers with discernment, placing a premium on substance as evident in the quality, value, and consistency of TalkShop’s workshops and seminars.

AIM Graduate Students Undertake Research Writing

As a prerequisite to their Masters degree in Management Development (MMD), graduate students of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) are now undertaking Research Writing preparatory to the challenging writing tasks ahead. The students comprise a broad mix of Filipinos, Indonesians, Nepalese, Thais, Indians, Pakistanis, and Chinese.

Research Writing is conducted on Saturday mornings, covering a span of 15 sessions. It is handled by Sheila Viesca, AIM’s English Communication Consultant who is likewise CEO of TalkShop, an English facility that specializes in corporate workshops.

Ces Follente, AIM Program Manager for the Center of Development Management said, “With the culture and language diversity in place at AIM, we need more than an English language expert. This is why Ms. Viesca fits the role to a T with her strong TESL (Teaching as a Second Language) background. It is a plus that she pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in the country.” This approach integrates all language skills—reading, writing, listening, and speaking—into a cohesive whole.

“Classes are dynamic and personalized, considering the special needs of my students, some of whom are struggling with English,” said Viesca who is into her second year as a Consultant for AIM. She informs, “The course provides a thorough but simplified background on research writing—from selecting a topic, documentation style, making an outline, critical thinking, drafting, and polishing. The challenge is to help each student get the grade he deserves, as I integrate ESL lessons, as needed.”

TalkShop Sets Sights on ISO 9001:2008 Certification

TalkShop gears up for ISO 9001:2008 certification early this year to level up on its commitment to enhance customer satisfaction through this global management standard. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO said, “We take quality seriously, as evident in our people, products, and services. This passion has allowed us to grow our roster of clients that counts the country’s Top 1000 Corporations, many of which are ISO-certified. It is our commitment to them that drives us towards this goal of integrating world-class quality into our management system.”

Guiding TalkShop towards quality management system is Joven Sabanal, Xpert Internal CEO who observes, “The processes are already in place for TalkShop. It is just a matter of aligning these to the company’s vision to be the country’s leading training provider.”

“With meticulous work already underway, clients can expect continual improvement in all aspects of our services, as required by the ISO,” adds Viesca.

TalkShop Trains Smart Communications Program Managers

TalkShop’s growing list of clients in the Top 1000 Corporations is growing steadily, with the latest addition of Smart Communications. Recently, TalkShop conducted a Business Writing workshop at St. Giles Hotel, Makati City for its business analysts. 

“With clarity and brevity as important considerations in business communication, particularly technical writing, the workshop offered the perfect mix of English review, drills, and exercises for our business analysts to gain greater confidence in grammar accuracy. This will be put to best use in all business forms of writing including those intended for the internet,” says Tin Encarnacion, Smart Communications Training Officer. “It is a plus that creativity was factored into the training for our left-brained program managers and business analysts,” she added.

The workshop conducted by Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO struck a balance between logic and creativity, bringing out the best in the group’s analytical thinking style, as it trained them on introspection and giving free reign to their creative side through brainstorming, mind mapping, and theme writing exercises. 

Pleased with the outcome of the workshop, Ms. Encarnacion remarks, “It was a fresh approach that engaged our program managers and business analysts in grammar mastery and effective writing techniques. This helped them capitalize on their strengths, as it equipped them with the tools to develop their creativity and in a way that suits the demands of their work. “ 

TalkShop conducts holistic communication workshops integrating all language skills – reading, writing, listening, and speaking in a cohesive approach.


Great expectations lie ahead in 2011, the Year of the Rabbit. Characteristic of the rabbit, the year promises to bring joy, peace, and good fortune. It is believed to be a placid year, unlike the ferocious Year of the Tiger just past. Aligned with the gentle nature of the rabbit, people will be temperate in their dealings, realizing that warmth and persuasion over force will get them closer to their goals. People will act with discretion which is a refreshing, welcome change from the crassness of the previous year. In all, diplomacy and international relations are expected to reign. 

The business community is upbeat as it looks at a growth rate of 7.5%. This will be led by private and public partnerships in infrastructure. Such optimistic scenario will push local investors rather than foreign ones to drive growth.

Which industries are expected to thrive this year? Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) will continue to boom, as the country now enjoys the distinction of being the call center capital of the world, surpassing India, with expected revenues of $12-$13 billion this year. This is expected to balloon to $100 billion in 2020. Likewise, tourism will enjoy a boost that will benefit the hospitality and service sectors. The property market will experience an upswing with the expected entry of multinational corporations and greater influx of tourists. The retail industry will continue to rake it in on the wave of strong remittance flows from OFWs.

Be poised for a successful year. With people as the greatest asset of any company, manpower development is key towards corporate success. Intensify communication skills to meet global standards, fortify leadership skills to address the challenging times, boost morale and rally them towards the company’s goals. TalkShop has an arsenal of corporate workshops that will see your company through these interesting times.

Talkshop is the preferred training service provider of many companies, counting Top 1,000 Corporations that include First Gas Power Works, First Gen Corporation, Fujitsu Ten Corporation, United Coconut Planters Bank, and Glaxo Smithkline, among many others. It is affiliated with the U.S. based International English Education Research Association (IEERA). 

On top of customized, relevant and meaningful training modules, TalkShop harnesses employee creativity and emotional well-being – the top recruitment consideration in today’s managers. Participants take part in a journey-to-self communication exercise instills a strong sense of self-esteem and harmony in any workplace.


With English communication training as TalkShop’s core competency, it only makes good business sense for the premiere communication consultancy to venture into writing services. In fact, Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO has been dabbling in writing, editing, and proofreading years back, carried over from business relationships with her diverse clients. 

On top of the yearly management programs for the Development Bank of the Philippines, TalkShop has been commissioned to edit and proofread the bank’s Manual of Correspondences. This sets the standards for business writing for consistency and uniformity, reinforcing the bank’s business style and corporate identity.

Saatchi & Saatchi, a leading advertising agency has partnered with TalkShop for writing requirements of a literacy project catering to moms and kids. The outcome was a well-researched, sustained, and meaningful information campaign that brought to the fore the merits of its clients’ kids learning advocacy. 

The Department of Education (DepEd) has likewise tapped Viesca to set the standards for communication requirements by designing its Communication Competency Benchmark. This standardizes recruitment and promotional processes for all of the agency’s ranks.

“Our services come with a strong quality proposition backed by research,” says Viesca who leads a pool of seasoned writers and grammarians who carry out the meticulous task of scrutinizing work with a trained eye, as they focus on grammar, spelling, word choice, and punctuation, while weeding out jargon for a professional finish. Services include technical and creative writing, web content and SEO writing, editing and proofreading covering a wide range of businesses and industries. PR services are likewise offered, focusing on writing and press liaison work.

Sheila Viesca Trains Japanese Nationals and Expats

English is gaining a stronger foothold in Asia, with the region playing a key role as the world’s emerging economy. Realizing the need to be competitive in this global era, the Japanese are learning English as a second language to heart. One such case involves one of the top IT services company, Hitachi Joho, which is sending its management, sales, and IT personnel to the Philippines for Business English training at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) under Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO.

“The feedback has been very positive with Japanese executives and staff learning to think, speak, and write in English that forms the core of this inter-cultural, inter-language experience,” explains Viesca, who pioneered Integrated Language Teaching in the Philippines in 2002. “This is the best approach for second language acquisition, as it fuses the interactive, communicative approach of the west with the creative techniques of the east, for a well-rounded development,” she adds.

TalkShop is also the official communication trainer of the Asian Institute of Management for its expat students as part of the management development program that includes English Proficiency, Technical Writing, and Research. 

TalkShop specializes in workshops offering English Communication Excellence, Leadership & Management, Customer Service, Training the Trainer, Personality Development & Urbanity, among others. It also provides solutions for educational program designs for third parties that wish to tie up.