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Friday, September 09, 2011

Learning English with TalkShop

Are you always being surpassed for promotion though you work so hard? Are you at a loss for words during social situations? Do you suffer the heebie jeebies when you have to speak before a group? Do you feel you deserve more than what you have been getting in life? Then, it’s high time to get help from the topnotch English facility that is in the best position to make you over – TalkShop

TalkShop has redefined English communication excellence with a complete package to help students, professionals, associations, and corporations enhance communication competencies. Certificate programs cover a wide range – Speech Eloquence, Conversation Expertise, Call Center Skills, Grammar Mastery, Cross Culture Communication for Expats, Creative & Technical Writing, Public Speaking, Interview Skills, Social Graces, Corporate Image, Leadership Training, Teaching English, as well as foreign languages, Music lessons, Art workshops, and Interactive Math. 

Basic English courses help individuals meet academic English standards as they are taught to integrate all communication skills – reading, writing, listening, speaking, as well as grammar. Such is akin with corporate communication programs. Here lies TalkShop’s strength, with its CEO Sheila Viesca pioneering Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in the country in 2000. Courses are conducted in a fun environment suited to the individual’s learning style or the group’s training needs. 

TalkShop is your best ticket to developing yourself, as you plan for success. TalkShop starts with the basics – English communication excellence, delves into personality development and segues into social graces for urbanity and polish. Emerge a winner with TalkShop’s English communication programs. Call 894-5588 now to schedule a free evaluation.

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