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- Sheila Viesca, TalkShop

Friday, September 09, 2011

Saatchi & Saatchi Partners with Sheila Viesca

Saatchi & Saatchi, one of the country’s leading ad agencies is working with Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Publisher of CityPost Interactive Gazette on Mead Johnson’s LEARN program. This is an educational campaign for children that integrates learning in the major content areas of Language, Entertainment, Arts, Recreation, and Nutrition that will be set up in malls shortly.

Viesca says, “It all starts with language which is the basis for learning in all other areas. As such, it is essential to develop language as early as the pre-natal stage when the child‘s rhythm is developing in sync with the mother’s voice and tone.

As a child grows, storytelling becomes an invaluable tool for learning. It is the creative use of language that facilitates learning of words, phrases, and sentences. Moving on to stories, a child learns about sequencing, hones his listening skill, uses his imagination, and infers lessons valuable lessons from his environment. The simple act of leafing through the pages helps develop motor skills. Books with different textures stimulate a child’s sense of touch, and colorful pictures engage him. “However, the beauty of storytelling lies in the bonding created between a parent and a child. It is not only a way to quiet a restless child at bedtime. It forges deep ties, making the child grow up secure and confident,” adds Viesca.

Bedtime storytelling night after night sharpens a child’s imagination, piques his curiosity, as he reacts openly and silently. Thought processes are set into place – understanding, questioning, probing, and interacting while reading. Lessons are drawn, helping form character. It is this experience in learning values and self-esteem that will equip a child with necessary leadership skills.

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