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- Sheila Viesca, TalkShop

Monday, September 12, 2011

Speech Eloquence and Presentation Mastery by TALKSHOP

Public Workshop @ The Asian Institute of Management

TalkShop, the premiere facility for English language learning, is holding monthly seminars at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), ACCM Bldg. in Makati to commence January 15, 2011. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO informs, “the programs will benefit business owners, career professionals, educators, and students who are aiming for personal growth and communication advancement. The workshop, which runs from 0830 to 1730 will consist of comprehensive language drills and discussions adopting the integrative, communicative approach. TalkShop is best known for Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) which Viesca introduced in the country in 2002. This teaching style interweaves all language skills - reading, writing, listening, and speaking – in the learning exercises that target particular communication areas..

Speech Eloquence/Presentation Mastery,” slated in January 2011, is one of the many interesting and meaningful public workshops lined up by TalkShop for 2011. Following on February 12, 2011 is “Grammar Mastery and Writing Workshop.” The package for the whole day event is P 3,850/head inclusive of TalkShop Training Kit, Certification, as well as flowing coffee, lunch, and snacks. Avail early bird discount of 30% by signing up a month before the workshop. 

Kalinawa Art Foundation, a group which works with indigenous communities who are tapped for their creativity in the visual arts, partners with TalkShop in extending 50% discount to the first 50 educators and students who will sign up for each monthly workshop.

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