“Personal effectiveness is the core of our business.”
- Sheila Viesca, TalkShop

Monday, September 12, 2011

TalkShop Speech Training for Sales People

In less than ideal business conditions, it takes more to sell your company, products, and services. With the right products already in place, your sales people are key to realizing your bottomline. Yet, for years they have been winging it, with a lackluster sales performance that is costing the company.

Turn the tide with a Speech Training Program that will impact your image, services, people, and profits. TalkShop’s SPEECH TRAINING FOR SALES PEOPLE will transform your sales force from order takers and salesmen to Sales Consultants who will earn the trust and goodwill of your clients.

Your sales team will acquire the art and skills of presenting your company’s story with clear, concise, and dramatic presentations. They will learn to be likeable, convincing, and engaging after learning to overcome their diffidence and self-consciousness. They will master organizing ideas, creating pictures in your clients’ minds, connecting with your customers, formulating questions that will lead to a sale, projecting professionalism and credibility.

Communication is key. And since it takes two to communicate, they will learn to communicate with depth – connecting logic with creativity. Best of all, they will learn to speak from your clients’ point of view. This is communicating from the heart, as they learn to relate better with customers, realizing their real needs as they link these with your products and services.

Win your customers over. It all starts with a makeover of your sales team.

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