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- Sheila Viesca, TalkShop

Monday, September 12, 2011

TalkShop Trains First Gas Power Corp. Technical Executives

Project managers of First Gas Power Corp. underwent Technical Communication training by TalkShop in November. This is in line with the company’s ISO requirements for continuous improvement that stipulates exacting standards even in the choice of training providers. First Gas Power Corp., which counts among the Top Ten Companies in the Philippines, is a joint venture between the UK gas facility, British Gas, and the Lopez-owned First Philippine Holdings Group.

The comprehensive 3-day workshop put together salient topics for more effective communication of the company’s advanced level professionals. These included Grammar Mastery, Presentation Skills, Technical Writing, and Confidence Building

Beyond the course design and engaging style of TalkShop’s CEO Sheila Viesca, the participants, consisting mainly of engineers and power analysts, enjoyed the journey to self discovery through the different archetypes, which led to their identifying themselves and recognizing others’ traits and vulnerabilities. “The interesting exercise helped define each of us as an individual, while allowing us the rare opportunity to understand and better appreciate our colleagues,” said Elson Tio, Jr., Project Engineer 2.Other participants look forward to further training with TalkShop, with topics of choice including Notes Taking, Active Listening, Speed Reading, and Public Speaking

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