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- Sheila Viesca, TalkShop

Monday, September 12, 2011

TalkShop Trains Hitachi Joho's Employees

“You do not have to disregard Japanese language in order to stay globally competitive. English is simply a potent tool you all have to learn in order to connect with other cultures and be abreast of the issues happening around the world.”

Thus concluded Shiela Viesca, TalkShop’s CEO, as 17 newly-hired employees of Hitachi Joho completed Business English Training, Oct. 11-16, 2010, at the Asian Institute of Management Conference Center. Hitachi Joho is one of the leading IT services company based in Japan. 

This is another laurel for the TalkShop Team as all trainees displayed significant improvement in their level of competence and proficiency in the English language after the six-day training program. 

Viesca, however, noted that the learning of English should be a continuous process, if not a lifetime vocation. She maintained that any skill that is not put to practice becomes weak in the end. As such, “a great measure of seriousness and determination should always go into the process of mastering a new language. It is not enough to learn English passively (through reading and listening); it is best learned actively (through writing and speaking).” 

The workshop, thus, capitalized on encouraging the trainees to speak up and share interesting nuggets about their love life, circle of friends, favorite food and movies, hobbies, Japanese culture, etiquette, and education. They were, at the same time, encouraged to be creative and imaginative in the composition of their own dialogues as creativity factors importantly in the evaluation of a learner’s linguistic adeptness. 

SpiceWorx’s General Manager and Senior Training Consultant, Tae Abe-Abion, lauded TalkShop’s efforts for refashioning the trainees as more sophisticated and knowledgeable individuals. She stated that the training was yet another success not only in improving the English skills of the trainees but also in strengthening the strategic alliance between Japan and the Philippines. 

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