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Friday, September 09, 2011

TalkShop Trains Japanese IT Professionals

Spiceworx , an advisory partner in building successful strategic business alliances between Japan and the Philippines recently tapped TalkShop for “Business English for IT Professionals” conducted at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) on Feb. 15-18 , with six Japanese IT professionals in attendance. 

The participants, being non-native English speakers, were subjected to a preliminary test administered via email and telephone on Feb. 1-5. Participants were evaluated by TalkShop in terms of their comprehension and responses to reading, writing and speaking tasks. From the evaluation, TalkShop devised an interactive program focused on English speaking and listening skills - rules of grammar , idioms, conversational English, public speaking, accentuation/pronunciation.

Tae-Abe Abion, Spice Worx General Manager and Senior Consultant was impressed with the outcome. “The success of our training program could not be possible without the cooperation and active participation of TalkShop in the entire process. I wish to share with you how we have tested TalkShop’s mettle , and how the trainees have transformed after the training program here in Manila.,” said Ms. Tae-Abe Abion. The SpiceWorx team noticed the glaring improvement after the 4-day communication workshop by TalkShop. Through the succeeding weeks, feedback were articulated about the program’s impact in boosting the participants’ fluency and confidence.

Ms. Sheila Viesca, head trainer and owner of TalkShop—together with her team, Ms. Michelle Octaviano, Ms. Manel Apuya, and Ms. Grace Kawasaki—had a blast teaching such an intelligent and motivated group.“The group was very enthusiastic—a fun group to teach.,” enthuses Ms. Viesca

Ms. Viesca also handles the Intensive Technical Communication training of graduate students who are enrolled in Asian Institute of Management’s Center for Development Management (CDM) program.

In 2009, TalkShop was selected for affiliation by the International English Education Research Association (IEERA) from a host of English training schools for the integrity of its programs and systematic approach to teaching English that stems from both the application of integrative teaching approaches and expertise in English language communication.

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