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Friday, September 09, 2011

Why TalkShop?

Not all English training facilities are created equal. There are training centers ... and there’s TalkShop. For ten years now, TalkShop has been in the business of training English Communication Excellence, catering to companies, special groups, schools, and individuals of all ages and background.

Here are testimonies from its students that attest to TalkShop’s staying power :

I chose TalkShop as I got curious about Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) – its approach to teaching certificate courses. Having been accustomed to the old-school method, it was totally new to me. Students were placed on active mode during classes. The program tied up all the language skills- speaking , reading, writing, and listening , reinforced with grammar into an interactive, cohesive whole. There is a system to it that enables educators and aspiring teachers to hone their craft and become more effective mentors in English communication.

Today, I feel so fortunate to be part of TalkShop’s pool of trainers. 

Joy Manalac
February 2010

My friends and I enrolled at TalkShop to earn the certificate to teach abroad , and raise funds for our English center project. Though our English Center plans have not yet materialized, I remain determined to continue with the TalkShop program, and all through the process have enjoyed the learning experience. 

I kept a busy work schedule; however, this did not hinder me from pursuing my training. TalkShop made it easy with a flexible schedule . I found the teachers adaptable to the needs of the students . Lessons were updated and "user-friendly", . I found the lessons relevant to my professional and personal needs. Not only did the program help polish my English communication skills, it brought out the best in me, boosting my self-confidence. These , I carried over to my work and home. My family and colleagues took notice.

TalkShop offers a friendly environment to learn English the fun way. I got my certificate and a consultancy post as well , which should reinforce my plans for the English center project . 

Manel R. Apuya
Contact Center, AXA Philippines
April 2010

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