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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Training Kids to Shine

Social graces are hard to come by these days. It is becoming a lost art, as people take good manners and protocol for granted. Don’t allow your kids to miss out on these lifetime skills that bear the mark of good breeding. Enroll them in TalkShop’s Personality Development for Kids.

What is a personality development course going to bring in terms of the child’s development? There are norms of conduct at home, at play, and in school,. It is important for kids to realize the importance of etiquette, and in the process, learn values to help them develop character. Manners should be taught for children to learn lifelong social skills – from grooming, dining etiquette, telephone skills, showing courtesy to elders, being kind and helpful to others. The program may also be customized, as requested. Enroll and see the changes in your child’s grooming, demeanor, poise, behavior, attitude, and outlook.

For more information, call (632) 894-5588, log on to www.talkshop.ph, or write to info@talkshop.ph.

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