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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Allied Botanicals Experts Brush Up on Communication Skills


Allied Botanical, the country’s leading seed supplier and expert in fertilizer technology has sent some of its agriculture experts to TalkShop for a Communication Excellence workshop at TalkShop on the second quarter of 2012.

Jennifer Soriano, Customer Service Associate says, “We need to upgrade our presentation skills in terms of creation and delivery.

This requires careful organization of content and speaking with confidence for which we need to learn to think critically and creatively, while mustering confidence and effective grammar to make an engaging presentation.”
She adds, “I appreciated the grammar review. It has been a long time after school, so we tend to forget the principles of sentence structure. TalkShop’s systematic approach that is interactive and communicative helped me become more confident so I come across as a competent communicator every time I represent my company. I am happy our company sees the need on how to learn English, which is now serving us in good stead.”
TalkShop Grammar Mastery and Business Writing workshop is customized with clients’ concerns in mind, It finds application in various forms of business writing using Global English.

Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO clairifies, “ At TalkShop we teach using English minus the jargon associated with regional and cultural influences. The language therefore becomes easy to understand and employ in various situations.”

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