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Thursday, May 31, 2012

TalkShop Trains Maybank Kids

TalkShop's Kiddie Workshop at Maybank head office proved that lectures do not have to be boring for learning to be educational. A fun-filled interactive program on Personality Development and Image Enhancement allowed the children to interact with one another, make new friends, showcase their talents, and even learn to walk like little a junior executive or a runway model!

The program is in line with the banks efforts to give back to the children of its personnel every vacation season. All the participants underwent a speedy transformation from young and shy to adventurous and motivated. The best part about this TalkShop program is that the children gained practical knowledge on proper posture, communication, and manners. There is no real secret to teaching kids while having fun. TalkShop consultant Sheila Viesca believes that “70% of the learning experience should come from the children's participation while 30% is merely for the teacher to facilitate lectures and exercises.” Workshop exercises ranged from motivational cheers of "I love myself!" to walking exercises and even creative visualization to let the children affirm their best self, set new goals, and write down steps to reach them.

There is no doubt TalkShop's Kiddie Workshop was a huge success! Parents proudly watched their children go on-stage to receive an internationally affiliated TalkShop Certificate of accomplishment. But more than the certificate, it's the experience they gained and knowledge learned that empowered them to aim higher, focus on their goals, and always have a great attitude towards life.

TalkShop, pioneer of ILT, Integrated Language Teaching in the Philippines, designs and customizes learning sessions for kids and adults alike. For the evaluation and design of your training in Personality Development, Values Formation, Communication Excellence, American Language training, and Business Communication, call (632) 894 5588, 0917 853 5588 or visit http://www.talkshop.ph.

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