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- Sheila Viesca, TalkShop

Thursday, May 31, 2012

TalkShop Trains Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric, global leader in Energy Management, has tapped the expertise of TalkShop to train its supervisors and engineers in Grammar mastery and Presentation Skills. Several workshops were laid out throughout a one-year period so different teams and departments can participate in TalkShop’s customized communication training focusing on the American language, pronunciation drills, grammar tips, practical conversation, and effective presentation.

Alan Buena, APC HR Specialist said, "TalkShop knows how to adjust to the requirements and learning styles of the different departments. We keep getting their services because they never fail to bring out the best in our employees, not only in terms of speaking, but also in goal setting and confidence building."

TalkShop CEO Sheila Viesca confirmed, “It is important that we conduct a diagnostic of the individuals who are participating in our communication workshops. Every detail matters to us. And that includes the particular learning style of every participant in each batch. This is how we guarantee that workshops running for 2 or 3 days become most meaningful and relevant for the employees, their teams, and company.”

TalkShop, the country’s leading corporate training center provides American language training, Business English, personality development, presentation skills, and an array of customized programs in negotiation, sales, problem-solving, team-building that make teams more cohesive and employees more effective in service as they learn to project the right attitude, establish rapport, communicate their brand, and ensure that customers keep coming back. Understanding the requirements of companies and their customers, TalkShop programs in communication and personnel development are designed to ensure that the best companies keep producing the best people through targeted training and follow-through arrangements.

Get in touch with TalkShop Consultants for the evaluation and design of your American language training, Business English program, personal, and corporate workshops, call (632) 894 5588, 0917 853 5588 or visit www.talkshop.ph.

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