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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Right Conduct under Pressure

Next time, try not to strangle each other.

No matter how difficult the situation may be, there’s always the choice to be professional. Remember people are watching you, and how you act may greatly influence them. Think out loud so your colleagues can follow your example. They might even help if they know what you’re dealing with.

Sometimes we try to be perfect but the reality is we’re not. When you commit a mistake accept it and just say sorry. You’ll grow faster and learn that way. Follow through with your promises and deadlines. Your tendency may be to overpromise to resolve a conflict. Don’t be tempted, be realistic and do what you can do.

Respect is made through understanding, not fear. The difference is one is given out of free will while the latter is enforced.

Being well-rounded make it easier to handle difficult situations. From time to time do something that relaxes you to keep your nerves loose and thoughts straight.

Always love yourself no matter what other people say. Even if you are pressured and criticized, believe that you can do better, grow, and succeed in your career.
  By TalkShop

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