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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Creativity in Teaching

The most interesting teachers have mastered creativity.  What can we learn from the best educators who have made a difference in our life as students?

First of all, let us establish that your being new or seasoned in your teaching career does not necessarily equate to your mastery of this very important skill.   Therefore, there is great hope for those who are just starting and still some fresh techniques to learn for those who have been teaching for years.

Here are some lessons I have learned and used over the years.  And even on my most hectic days teaching, I never felt like I was working:

1.  Constantly find a hobby you can be passionate about.   Being in love with an activity that makes you feel healthier, livelier, more relaxed will improve the way you relate with your students.  It is easier to build enthusiasm in your classroom if you yourself are passionate about something outside teaching.  Plus, the skills you acquire from your hobbies allow you to connect with more students better, as well as vary the range and types of your classroom activities whenever necessary.

2.  Regularly keep a personal journal.  Don't underestimate the value of writing.  It allows you to think better and adds color to the way you present your lessons.  Writing is your mental rehearsal which makes it possible for you to extemporize in class as if you have rehearsed your delivery a hundred times.

3. Practice compassion.   It is easier to be creative if you truly reach out to your students.  Learn about them and what motivates them.  Let them discuss what they are passionate about.   Incorporate their interests in your classroom activities.

4.  Be guided by a purpose.  Embrace the relevance of your day as you wake up.  Identify your reason behind in every action.  State your objective before the start of each class. Even creative activities can get you sidetracked so it is important to know where  you are going so you can immediately find your way back.

5.  Be in love.  Opportunities abound for the teacher who is in love with life and everything about it. To start, you look younger, feel better, accomplish more as you inspire your students to always have a great attitude towards life.

Creativity is a must in teaching.   This is one of the best lessons great teachers give their students.  Imagine how great this world can be if all teachers learn to bring out the best from their students by practicing creativity in teaching! Game?

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