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Monday, September 17, 2012

A Major Major Beauty Queen Answer

A Major Major Beauty Queen Answer

Say what you will about the superficiality of beauty pageants as a whole, but the existence of the Q&A portion as the culminating and deciding event is proof that inner beauty still matters.

Spot's Top 10 Unforgettable Beauty Queen Answers

Miss Universe 2010 runner-up Venus Raj is number one in Spot.ph's Top 10 Unforgettable Beauty Queen Answers, and the ranking is very much deserved.

The phrase "major major" is just catchy enough and, let's face it, is so beauty queen-ish in essence that we can forgive the grammar faux pas.

It's a shame the judges couldn't overlook it because Raj was definitely on track to winning the crown that year. It ultimately underscores that, yes, speaking eloquently in English is a gamechanger when it comes to beauty pageants.

Should Philippine contestants choose to answer in Tagalog and have it translated? It's a highly debatable subject, but the Philippines is known for having good English speakers, so shouldn't we strive to cultivate that image?

Regardless of the language, it behooves the beauty contestants who are serious about winning to place greater emphasis on improving their speech eloquence. They don't have to transform themselves into rocket scientists, but learning how to answer in a calm, composed tone, with the right word emphasis and pauses, can make the difference in winning the ultimate prize. That's a major major thing to think about.

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