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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Why You Should Work More After a Breakup

Why You Should Work More After a Breakup

How do you heal a broken heart? You could call up a few buddies and drink your sorrows away. However, the conversation will inevitably stray towards you and your ex and how it all went sour. Your sadness will become anguish and you will all consume even more alcohol and wake up the next morning with a massive hangover.

No, the way to heal a broken heart is to occupy yourself with something else. For most people, that something is work. Work is routine, which is exactly what you need to regain a sense of normalcy in your life after a breakup.

Employers often stress the importance of keeping your professional life separate from your personal life. You should have no trouble doing so if you are trying to forget a certain somebody. Your coworkers, however, will have no qualms asking about your breakup. Nothing breaks up the monotony in an office quite like a juicy piece of gossip.

If you wish to maintain a sense of sanctity in your office, then perhaps a little workplace diplomacy might help. Do make friends with coworkers, but keep the relationship professional rather than personal when working. You never know when you might need some piece of mind after a brutal breakup.

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