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Monday, December 17, 2012

Telemarketing Strategies that Work


As the opportunities to grow any business increase so must company productivity.  Owners and managers just need to be more proactive in search of new markets. It is no longer acceptable to simply wait for callers to make the call. The key is relationship building to ensure that every business meeting and sales call ends with a closing.

Effective telemarketing strategies cover lead generation, introduction, the sales pitch and closing the sale. The aim is to train employees to think like owners as they handle each task with an understanding that doing so will affect the company's success and bottom line results.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation starts with a pre-qualifying process to enhance the sales rate.  A high potential client is considered a qualified lead. The lead qualifier should know which questions to ask within a limited time period to ensure the right client demographic for whom the company's products and service most strongly appeals.  The lead qualifier can also assist in finding lead sources, such as forums, professional associations, and various social-media sites.   To get the best leads, the company owner or marketing manager, should set the criteria and the best sourcing strategy to eliminate waste of time on incomplete or irrelevant data.

What Makes a Good Introduction?

The introduction is usually scripted so that key points are not forgotten. If representatives are allowed to deviate from the written script, they must remember the key words and points so they accurately communicate the brand and service to the potential customer.  They key is to sound pleasant, confident, and accommodating while being straight-to-the point in their answers.

What is the Best Sales Approach?

Whatever approach or strategy the company is using, or whether the representatives have free hand in using their own style, must be determined before picking up the phone.  It is a good idea to begin with the objective in mind. Is the call for a product pitch or to set up a sales appointment? Is the call being made to a current customer or a prospect? These factors, when identified at the onset,  will greatly affect the productivity of the employee.

How Do I Close the Sale?

Closing is initiated once the customer has indicated an interest in the product or service. A seasoned telemarketer can usually tell when it is okay to apply the direct approach.  This happens when a customer shows interest and the telemarketer assumes the sale then proceeds right away to closing.  Busy customers who know what they want prefer simply being asked payment method he would like to use. A softer approach is to offer an alternative by mentioning two products and asking which one the customer prefers. What is important is to consider that the customer should sense that he has an option to decline the purchase.

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