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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Personality Development

Personality Development

      The influence of human personality upon the functional efficiency of an organization and its personnel has been widely recognized. The personality can also be modified to a certain extent. Accordingly, recent years have seen a variety of efforts by professionals in various fields to design courses that will help develop certain positive trends in personality. The objective of such courses is to remove or screen out those barriers or obstructions that stand in the way of the expression of individual personality, through a process of training.

       Personality is highly affected by your motivation. If you're not motivated then your personality in the work environment will suffer. Here at Talkshop, we will help you identify the different factors of motivations to keep you at your best !

These factors are related to the nature of work (job content) and are intrinsic to the job itself. These factors have a positive influence on morale, satisfaction, efficiency and higher productivity.

Some of these factors are:
• The job itself, To be motivated, people must like and enjoy their jobs. They become highly committed to goal achievement and do not mind working late hours in order to do what is to be done. Their morale is high as evidenced by lack of absenteeism and tardiness.
• Recognition. Proper recognition of an employee's contribution by the management is highly morale boosting. It gives the workers a feeling of worth and self esteem. It is human nature to be happy when appreciated. Thus, such recognition is highly motivational.
• Achievement. A goal achievement gives a great feeling of accomplishment. The goal must be challenging, requiring initiative and creativity. An assembly line worker finishing his routine work hardly gets the feeling of achievement. The opportunities must exist for the meaningful achievement, otherwise workers become sensitized to the environment and begin to find faults with it.
• Responsibility. It is an obligation on the part of the employee to carry out the assigned duties satisfactorily. The higher the level of these duties, the more responsibility the worker would feel and more motivated he would be. It is a good feeling to know that you are considered a person of integrity and intelligence to be given a higher responsibility. It is a motivational factor that helps growth.
• Growth and advancement. These factors are all interrelated and are positively related to motivation. Job promotions, higher responsibility, participation in central decision making and executive benefits are all signs of growth and advancement and add to dedication and commitment of employees.

Talkshop is the leading facility for Personality Development training in the Philippines and we continue to deliver excellent image enhancement programs to bring out the best in you!

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  1. Personality is defined as the enduring personal characteristics of individuals.There are inherent natural, genetic, and environmental factors that contribute to the development of our personality.Personality also colors our values, beliefs, and expectations