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Saturday, February 09, 2013

TalkShop’s Assertiveness Training with SN Aboitiz Plant Engineers and Managers

TalkShop’s Assertiveness Training with SN Aboitiz Plant Engineers and Managers
Power magnate SN Aboitiz partners with TalkShop to provide pivotal Assertiveness and Presentation training workshops for its plant engineers and managers with a goal of improving communications standard in the workplace and providing structured and efficient guidelines for executable skills applicable in their day to day challenges.

TalkShop’s Assertiveness and Presentation workshops aim to enhance skills that promote the value of assertiveness, openness, conflict resolution and effective communication in an organization. Assertiveness training goes hand in hand with personality development as the program also helps build confidence and sharpens leadership skills.

Most employees can hardly recognize how assertiveness differs from aggressiveness. The program clarifies misconceptions which often result to either an aggressive or passive style of dealing with customers, clients, or leaders. It also gives guidelines on how to deal with disagreements without being disagreeable, being able to say ‘No’ affirmatively and how to work with the right conduct when under pressure. 

The program also shares techniques to turn dull presentations to impressive and engaging power- slides. Negotiation skills which upshots are win-win deals are also honed by TalkShop’s team of consultants using the Integrated Language Teaching Methodology, an approach that actively engages participants in targeted individual exercises and group dynamics. The sessions consist of 30% lesson presentation/discussion and 70% interactive/evaluative activities.

Big companies such as an SN Aboitiz frequently deals with cross-culture communication, but with TalkShop’s in-depth syllabus on assertiveness and presentation skills, SN Aboitiz has facilitated an influential, sustainable and practical strategies that enhance its people’s social quotient, self-esteem, efficiency and decisiveness. 

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  1. These trainings are very necessary for the growth of a student. It teaches student about the assertiveness, conflict resolution and communication skills. These are many training provider such as skillconnection-School Based Apprenticeship program who guides the school student about all these things.