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Friday, December 04, 2015

TalkShop Clients Testimonials

TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops

I am really glad to have attended the session. Two days is not enough as there are still a lot that I need to learn. But with the two-day workshop, I can say that I am now more equipped and more comfortable in sending e mails to customers and my colleagues. I learned a lot especially the different patterns in creating a letter. The design is good as it starts with the basic elements going to more the complex topics. There is also an activity for every lesson. Ms. Sheila is very approachable and very knowledgeable about the topics. She can answer the questions right away. The class was not at all boring.

-Karen Guillermo, Senior CSE, FINANCIAL TIMES
TalkShop Business Writing WorkShop

I learned about writing business letters, how a letter should be created. I like crafting business letters the most. Ms. Sheila, TalkShop Consultant, is excellent with great experience. I became knowledgeable in making letters.

-Ralph LeovinErmitanio, Finance Systems Support, FINANCIAL TIMES
TalkShop Business Writing WorkShop

I have learned a lot from TalkShop workshop, not just about crafting good business letters but also injecting humanity in one’s writing. You may be a good writer but without humanity no one will love to read your ideas.

We got to review the basic foundation of writing and created our own business letters in a manner that is organized and professional all throughout.

The program design is well-organized. I like the balance between lecture and activities. Ms. Sheila, keep doing what you have been doing. Good writing does not only come from learning grammar but also from having confidence in yourself. Thank you for teaching us that!

TalkShop Business Writing WorkShop

I have already attended TalkShop seminar with Ms. Sheila Viesca and I can say that every workshop is unique. At first I thought it will be the same but the topics are different and activities are unique. I learned a lot not only about writing but also good communication.

I like how Ms. Sheila engages everyone in participating in class. She knows how to correct the students in a way that is encouraging and not embarrassing.

-April Rose Rosario, Senior CSE, FINANCIAL TIMES
TalkShop Business Writing WorkShop

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