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Monday, December 12, 2016

Social Media Workshop B1- Content Planning



Social media presence is any sensible company’s big consideration if it wants guaranteed customer engagement, brand recognition, and information dissemination.

Knowledge of Facebook account management, Twitter updates, or website interaction is directly linked to customer relationship enhancement and company productivity. Government agencies are no exception. Social Media administrators from the Department of Trade and Industry take the TalkShop WorkShop to determine how they can derive more value from social media.

This training has been designed by TalkShop led by CEO Ms. Sheila Viesca and Lead Consultant Carlos dela Fuente. The participants’ testimonials prove how much DTI will benefit from this knowledge and skills training right away and overtime. Read through and take part in the participants’ learning experience:

Julius Andrew Dizon, Acting Information Officer - Social Media Workshop B1

The workshop provides us an overview of how to act on concerns and as well learn new ideas on writing social media on our daily task of information officer.

The TalkShop Consultant provided adequate insights and the many use of social media to our work as information officer. The workshop opened our eyes to new approach on improving the potential reach of social media.

Joyce Ria Estares, TIDS/ INFO officer - Social Media Workshop B1

I appreciate learning meme and taking videos appropriate  for social media.
Caloy is very informative and entertaining. He presented the concepts in a very clear and concise manner. Kind regards to you Caloy. TalkShop  workshop made feel confident that I can do the work needed for DTI social media Strategy.

Areis Espina, Comms Officer Social Media Workshop B1

Caloy was a great speaker as he was able to teach me the subject matter in a clear and direct manner.  I learned a lot about the subject matter. The program flow was well designed and conducted for easy learning. Our Consultant Caloy is a nice guy, personable and  knowledgeable in the subject matter. I am now more confident of my capability to use  social media to promote my agency.
Naiza Reina Brazil, TIDS Social Media Workshop B1

It was very informative and it helped a lot in improving us and adding to our knowledge of Social Media. Our consultant is very approachable and kind also allows a lot interaction bet participants and speaker.

There are a lot of things to do with social media and I instantly got to practice them.  At the same time, there are a lot of tools I learned to improve the online presence of DTI.

Jojisilia Villamor, Info Officer Social Media Workshop B1

This workshop is useful to Government info officer and media practitioners.
I can’t quantify what I’ve learned. All I know is that it was truly worth attending.

The whole TalkShop WorkShop was a good learning experience. I like best the part on how to do a video using  our phone and computer.  This is new knowledge for me.

Our consultant is a professional who is well versed on the subject matter.
I was updated on various ways to use new media in my work.

Maria Marjorie Pascual, TIDS/IT officer Social Media Workshop B1

I learned a lot because TalkShop gave us a program that is well-designed with appropriate examples that are very helpful. Our consultant is very generous in giving out tips and tricks. I was updated on the features of the social media tools.

Banawe Corvera, AA III- KM /info Social Media Workshop B1

The program design is done-well considering that the concepts are easy to understand. I can’t wait to share the inputs to the RO and PO units back home. I learned additional knowledge that can be very useful to how we run our social media campaigns. Everything about this TalkShop program is appropriate fun and light. Our consultant is knowledgeable, competent, and consistent in using the right approach.
Vanessa Claire Piena, Information officer III Social Media Workshop B1

I learned a lot. Kudos TalkShop for the great experience! Very nice. We need to have more speakers like Caloy – he is excellent! He taught us to have a new and different perspective on the advantage of using social media.

Warren Serran, Info officer Social Media Workshop B1

I believe the general direction of the training is effective and fun. We got the right trainer in TalkShop because they were able to design a Social Media campaign that will level up our knowledge and skills.

I hope we can have more workshops with TalkShop.  So far, I learned sufficient knowledge in this first session.  The TalkShop Consultant is very insightful and speaks from actual experience.

Roniel Amihan, STIDS Social Media Workshop B1

Great job TalkShop Team!
I learned a lot from the workshop, especially the basics of social media as platform of communication to reach the target audiences.

I like most the part when we got to create an official social media account. I appreciate learning the utilization of social media channels. The consultant engaged his participants to actively participate during discussions and presentations.

Joseph dela Deva, TIDS Social Media Workshop B1

Workshop activities are fun and challenging! Congrats TalkShop!
 I gained new knowledge.

David Israel Sinay, Information officer Social Media Workshop B1

I’m was thankful to have a hand on type of workshop where, whatever we discussed is implemented/ practiced right away.  We were trained effectively to better understand of our roles as information officers. I learned new ideas especially on terminologies and categories. 

I gained deeper understanding of how social media should be used and what appropriate application to use for a particular topic/ case.

Ann Malhotra , STIDS Social Media Workshop B1

The TalkShop seminar is an effective workshop that enhanced my understanding of social media as a tool in promoting the trade events organized by our business partners especially when using Facebook and Twitter. I learned a lot from this workshop such as when to use FB and Twitter, blup, meme, infographics, etc. I like the activities on FB and twitter in maximixing video stories well as photo journalism.

I like best the preparation of communication plan for social media and effective use of video story. The Consultant was able to engage the audience during the seminar.

Mia Cortez, Information Officer Social Media Workshop B1

I learned a lot about online journalism and ways to improve my social media savvy.  Thank you TalkShop and DTI!

Ma. Christina Diana Cabaruan, TIDA-MIS Social Media Workshop B1

I learned how to use other forms of social media platforms. The program was informative and fun.
The consultant is a good speaker who is able to explain the topics well. It made me realize /appreciate to effectively use social media platform in promoting the agency.

Joyce Ann Segui, Information officer Social Media Workshop B1

I find TalkShop’s social media workshop extremely fun and interesting. The social media management techniques will surely be of great help in keeping our regional FB page updated and active.

Think before you click! Social media is a powerful medium to inform and communicate; hence we need not only be creative and imaginative but also responsible netizens. Thank you TalkShop!
The sharing of the different groups is the one part I like the most . It gave me more ideas in practicing creativity in the use of IEC materials.

Sir Caloy is very confident and knowledgeable on the topics discussed. Sir Gil is very clear and approachable.

Imelda Santa Ana, TIDS Social Media Workshop B1

Through this workshop, I learned a lot about social media and the different types of posts and videos This is a highly recommended workshop. I learned a lot from TalkShop’s social media workshop. I like most the part when we were taught to do memes. I like least your very slow internet connection. Caloy is very good!

Paul Mayo, TIDS Social Media Workshop B1

Content is king! Thank you TalkShop and DTI for this relevant training! I increased my appreciation for social media as a tool for communication. I like most the creative aspect of the workshop/outputs. Caloy has mastery of subject matter. My view of new media was enhanced.
Mary Grathel De Leon, EAV

The program covered comprehensive insights  that can be understood by a practitioner and beginner. This has made me more motivated to resume my online tasks.

Yfus Porsche Fernandez, PRO III ,DSEC Social Media Workshop B1

I appreciate Talkshop way of executing workshops.  This is a much needed training.

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