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Monday, September 12, 2011

Fujitsu Ten Forges Partnership with TalkShop

Fujitsu Ten, one of the country’s Top Ten Corporations, has contracted the training services of TalkShop for its supervisors and staff being groomed for leadership positions. Three batches of supervisors and line leaders will benefit from the “Management Communication and Leadership Training” workshop. This commenced in November 2010 with its supervisors in attendance, succeeded by another session in February for production line leaders, and another in April for a new batch of supervisors.

An ISO-certified company, Fujitsu Ten gave the nod to TalkShop as training provider because of the suitability of its module in form and substance that will impart the company’s quality standards. “This should help us on our way to earning our certification once again this year,” said Rochelle de Castro, Fujitsu Ten HR. TalkShop’s course content focuses on leadership through effective coaching and mentoring for which communication is vital.

The participants had their favorite lessons to take from the workshop; however, they agreed that the individuation process is most helpful in their personal success to benefit the company. The evaluation based on their enneagram and archetype took them on an enlightened journey on a discovery of self and others. “For an ISO-certified company that relies on team spirit, this was a meaningful and relevant exercise,” de Castro commented.

TalkShop customizes training modules according to a company’s objectives, needs, and concerns.

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