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Monday, September 12, 2011

Hitachi Joho Chooses TalkShop for Long-term Program

Hitachi Joho Japan is setting global service standards for its key personnel through intensive, meaningful workshops as arranged by its local partner SpiceWorx, which forges alliances between Japanese firms and Asian companies.

For the company’s communication requirements, TalkShop had been singled out as the training provider of choice because of the versatility and flexibility of its tried and tested training programs in the face of varying proficiency levels and backgrounds of Hitachi personnel, as well as the expertise of TalkShop trainers.

“We have seen the successful outcome of TalkShop’s programs, batch after batch, which has won over the respect and loyalty of Hitachi Joho, hence the three year contract,” said Tae Abe- Abion, SpiceWorx General Manager.” She added, “What makes the programs effective is its holistic approach to language learning that is values-laden, conducted in an atmosphere of fun. The Japanese nationals are thoroughly engaged in activities appropriate to their learning styles and proficiency levels, and are appropriate to the business context.”

For the last batch this year, two groups arrived for separate workshops. “Business English” for Project Managers, which featured Business English Dialogues and Idiomatic Expressions, Culture and Etiquette, Management, was conducted at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). While the other batch made up of new hires, mostly Network Engineers were trained in the same program “Conversational English” at the University of the Philippines.

The language barrier is easing, with Japanese companies selecting training providers with discernment, placing a premium on substance as evident in the quality, value, and consistency of TalkShop’s workshops and seminars.

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