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Friday, September 09, 2011

HITACHI JOHO Retains TALKSHOP for English Training Needs

HITACHI JOHO Info Systems, a Japanese company that offers IT services including system operation, system architecture, software development, sales and distribution has partnered once again with TalkShop in pursuit of its vision to go global. Yuchi Arakawa, of HITACHI JOHO Human Resources Development Department said, “With information and communication as vital components towards this direction, we need to sustain English training supplemented with motivation building and values formation to set us on the right track. The impressive outcome of TalkShop’s English workshop for our management trainees makes it academic for us to decide to partner once again with TalkShop.”

Through the arrangements made with SPICEWORX Consultancy headed by its dynamic GM and Senior Consultant, Ms. Tae Abion, ten of HITACHI JOHO’s systems engineers flew in from Japan to attend “Business English” on May 28-June 2, 2010 at the University of the Philippines Information Technology Training Center (UPITTC). The course, designed and conducted by TalkShop focused on conversational English in the workplace with dialogues, round-robin exercises, interview drills, idioms, etiquette, and salesmanship – carried out interactively which the participants found challenging, fun, and enriching. 
TalkShop specializes in Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) which Sheila Viesca, CEO and Communications Director pioneered in the Philippines. ILT merges all language skills – reading, writing, listening, and speaking, along with grammar into a learning tapestry for all-around communicative enhancement.

The training programs with Japanese companies such as HITACHI JOHO are coordinated by SpiceWorx which is in partnership with major Japanese firms to forge strategic alliances between the Philippines and Japan.

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