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- Sheila Viesca, TalkShop

Monday, September 12, 2011

SHEILA VIESCA Handles UCPB Training for IT Managers

UCPB, one of the country’s largest banks, singled out TalkShop to conduct “Business Writing for Technical Managers" at the bank’s head office in Makati. The technical writing workshop, held on October 21-22, was attended by 24 engineers, section unit heads, analyst programmers, project leaders, and systems project officers.

Stella Fulgencio, UCPB VP for Training explains, “With communication playing a vital role in the smooth operations of any organization, we see the need to enhance the writing skills of our IT managers to leverage customer satisfaction. As we evaluate our training options, we were won over by the substance of TalkShop’s training module with its comprehensive and relevant topics, backed by the copyrighted training materials targeted that will serve each participant in good stead.” The course included English Communication Proficiency, Business Writing, and Presentation Skills.”

The bank’s IT managers found the writing exercises most meaningful, using the bank’s very own internal memos , showing them how to re-write, edit, and polish their own work.

TalkShop is a dynamic training provider headed by Sheila Viesca, CEO. Having run the business for 10 years now, Viesca is credited for introducing Integrated Language Teaching in the country. This teaching method interweaves all language skills in interactive workshops focusing on both communication excellence and personality enhancement.

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