“Personal effectiveness is the core of our business.”
- Sheila Viesca, TalkShop

Monday, September 12, 2011


Things are looking up for Sheila Viesca, Communications Guru who set up TalkShop, a leading English facility in Makati. Starting out in 2002—coaching small groups of professionals and students—TalkShop has grown through the years, with training services that have expanded to include corporate workshops and seminars for diverse industries. Its stable of clients now boasts of the Top 1,000 Corporations, many of which have booked packaged deals that keep TalkShop abuzz. 

“With just a month to go, 2010 is proving to be our best year ever. Our hard work and perseverance are paying off, with word spreading about our quality standards that make us the preferred training provider of many companies,” Viesca beams. She attributes the business boom to “our values-driven workshops that facilitate processing and inculcating of a company’s vision and mission.”

Beyond English Communication, TalkShop takes on Customer Service, Presentation Skills, Leadership & Assertiveness, Personality Development & Urbanity, among others. A unique offering is the journey to self discovery that Viesca carries out with aplomb, with her existential approach to teaching. “Why should a workshop be limited to what is academic? The experience should be as wide-ranged as possible for participants to sense the richness of life in every interactive exercise. Every learner should be given the chance to reach out, sing his song, impart something of himself, and make a difference.”

Experience enriching and engaging seminars that set your work force on the way to performance, creativity, and excellence. Communication workshops are reinforced with follow through sessions and include copyrighted materials that make for indispensable reference materials.

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