“Personal effectiveness is the core of our business.”
- Sheila Viesca, TalkShop

Monday, September 12, 2011

TalkShop Celebrates 11th Anniversay with New Service

TalkShop celebrates its 11th year as a corporate training provider with a new service offering for its corporate clientele.

“In the course of dealing with our clients and prospects, we have seen the need for competency assessment by private firms and government agencies, large and small alike,” noted Sheila Viesca, CEO. “Hence, it makes sense for us to offer a competency assessment program to help organizations identify actual needs, so they can take the right direction towards hiring, training, and development,” she added.

TalkShop designs tools for assessing core competencies based on the company’s mission, vision, and corporate values. These include assessing thinking styles, communication competence, speaking styles, supervisory and leadership skills using temperament sorters, personality inventories, and archetype evaluations. The service includes design of the assessment tools, employee need evaluation, and training recommendations.

In these times when companies are streamlining, it will pay for an organization to know what kind of person is being hired and promoted. The emotional and social quotients would always come into the picture. Equally important is finding out if an applicant makes a right fit for the job and company for a win-win situation. This is where TalkShop can help.

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