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- Sheila Viesca, TalkShop

Monday, September 12, 2011

TalkShop Firms Public Seminar Schedules

TalkShop, a leading provider of corporate communication programs, is holding a series of public seminars in the last quarter of 2011 to be conducted by Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO. Slated are workshops in Technical Writing with Grammar Mastery on October 15, Speech Eloquence with Presentation Skills on October 29, Communication Training for Sales People on November 19, and Etiquette Training for Professionals on November 26. The selected venue for the public seminar is the Tower Club, Philamlife Tower in Makati.

Viesca informed, “While we are accommodating the popular demand for these topics from several companies, the workshops are also open to educators, professionals, freelancers, and students who wish to further develop communication competencies which are essential to success in every field.”

The first modules in line, Technical Writing with Grammar Mastery (Oct. 15) and Speech Eloquence with Presentation Skills (Oct. 29), will bring participants’ communication skills to professional standards, in keeping with their company’s desired branding. These workshops will empower participants with communication competence, self-confidence, critical thinking, planning and organizing skills that will be useful in day to day dealings. In store are various modes of learning that take into consideration varied adult learning styles.

Those taking the first 2 modules in October will find the relevant progression in the succeeding courses in November, Communication for Sales People (Nov. 19) and Etiquette Training for Professionals (Nov. 26), that cap the well-rounded training series in speech, presentation, grammar, and personality development.

TalkShop, which is affiliated with the US-based English Education Research Association (IEERA), has been in the business of corporate training for more than a decade, adopting Integrated Language Teaching (ILT), a method which Sheila Viesca pioneered in the country in 2002.

Seminar fee is P4,000/workshop. Package discounts may be availed at P 7,500/2 seminars, P 9,500/3 seminars, and P 12,500/all four. Fees include meals, coffee, snacks, certificate with international affiliation, and course materials.

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