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Friday, September 09, 2011

TalkShop Trains Cathechists and Missionaries

The Institute of Catechetics of the Archdiocese of Manila (ICAM) recently conducted an English Proficiency Workshop at the San Carlos Seminary on March 23-26, 2010. This prerequisite course for catechetical formation was well-attended by thirty-five nuns, religious servants, and lay missionaries, comprising a mix of Filipinos, Chinese, Vietnamese, Timorese, Taiwanese, Indonesians, Nigerians, and Pakistanis.

This is the third year that TalkShop has been tapped for this workshop. Fr. Nolan Que, ICAM Director said, “TalkShop’s workshops consolidate all language skills and have greatly helped with lay and religious members of the congregation in carrying out missionary work, which relies heavily on speaking skills, grammar mastery , and confidence. It is for this reason that I also tap TalkShop for my school projects including training of teachers of St. Joseph’s School and St. John the Baptist School with results that are always encouraging.”

This year’s ICAM workshop once again focused on speech, grammar, pronunciation and enunciation through interactive, reflective, and communicative exercises geared at building confidence, honing speaking skills, and preaching with eloquence. 

TalkShop is the choice partner of corporations and congregations alike in building communication competence among executives, corporate heads, lay people, and religious leaders. TalkShop conducts workshops that are targeted to address clients’ particular requirements.

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