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Friday, October 21, 2011

What is Technical Writing?

In the Information Age, Technical Writing has become a culture as we integrate technology into our lifestyle. Samples of technical writing abound in our lives – from creative writing to varied forms of professional writing. Writing prompts functionality and promotes ease when using how-to books in our library, the user manuals that come with every electronic gadget and electrical appliance, even the cookbooks in our kitchen.

What is technical writing? What are the technical writing techniques? How complicated is a technical writing report? Technical writing is a specialized form of professional writing that informs, instructs, promotes, and sells. Technical writing finds application in all industries. Whatever the field, a technical writer must know his audience, write clearly and concisely to suit the purpose.

Whether you need to prepare a technical writing report, write a how-to manual, come up with a product insert, or write about writing, you have to express all-important details in a simple interesting manner, and eliminate the guesswork that accompany technical jargons.

Learn the ropes of technical writing in interactive, communicative workshops by TalkShop. Learn how to write in an organized manner, stay accurate with details, and engage your readers’ interest. The workshops come replete with pre and post assessment of participants, a hardbound, copyrighted compendium as a writing guide, and 3-month proofreading assistance for sustained monitoring of your teams’ writing progress.

Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO steers the writing class to promote your company’s branding with technical writing exercises that are meaningful, relevant, and targeted to your training needs. For more information, call (632) 894-5588 and (632) 501-5427.

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