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Friday, October 21, 2011

What is Grammar?

What is Grammar?

If you find the correct use of English grammar to be a struggle, you are not alone. If you ask, will I ever master the principles of grammar to do away with gaffes while speaking and writing, you are in good company. Principles of grammar can get tricky at times. Even the best writers and speakers do get confused with the simplest sentence construction.

This is where grammar check comes in. What is a verb? How do I fit in prepositions? The Net is handy for this purpose. Surf and check the rules of grammar with just a click. You can also bank on that old reliable school book sitting on your bookshelf. Still, it is best to master grammar and make it your friend. Because while we tend to be more forgiving with slip-ups while conversing, it will not do to carry these over to the business setting. As far as presentation and writing goes, we need to establish a professional image for credibility to be able to persuade, influence, and close that sale. Fluency and accuracy are called for, spot on.

TalkShop shows you how with Grammar Mastery and Public Speaking courses that will carry you through your writing and presentation tasks. Sheila Viesca, CEO takes on corporate trainings that are customized to each client’s needs. The package comes with pre and post assessment of participants, a hardbound copy of copyrighted materials – an ideal grammar and English guide, plus 3-month monitoring to continually assess improvements. Call (632) 894-5588 or 501-5427.

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