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Saturday, December 03, 2011

How to be Assertive Through Communication Skills

TalkShop Shows You How

Communication skills pay in every aspect of life. It gives you the edge on your way up the corporate ladder; it is the secret of star salesmen who use glib to close the sale; it is the distinguishing mark of every successful person. It integrates a good command of the language, with logical and moral reasoning using rational arguments. One area of communication fortified by assertiveness is speech. Parlance and eloquence can be developed by anyone who wants to enhance his self-esteem to improve his chances for success.

The definition of assertiveness is usually equated with speech eloquence, a must-have life skill for everyone. There are actually some misconceptions about the definition of assertiveness in speaking. Many equate it with aggressiveness, a negative quality resulting from rudeness that reveals lack of breeding, an evident deficiency in both emotional and social quotient.

What is assertiveness? It is being up-front in a positive way. Assertiveness lies midway of aggressiveness and submissiveness. It is being self-confident by asserting one’s rights without transgressing on the rights of another. It is acting self-assured and with self-respect. The goal is to arrive at win-win situations.

Learn assertiveness techniques to get you out of a bind. TalkShop teaches you how with a well-packaged workshop that incorporates Speech Eloquence with Assertiveness Communication.

Harness your emotional and social quotients, hone your listening skill, avoid communication pitfalls, learn self-assessment tools, and assert yourself. After the workshop you should be able to communicate better with your superior and direct hires, provide excellent customer service, use creative thinking quickly, stand for your rights without being pushy and demanding, and enjoy win-win situations in life.

Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO, engages you in this life-enriching workshop adopting the interactive, communicative approach that integrates communication skills aimed at accuracy.

Book your workshop now. Visit http://www.talkshop.ph or call (632) 894-5588, (63)917 853 5588 for a free consultation.

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