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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Etiquette in Business

Let TalkShop Hold Your Hand

Is etiquette still relevant today? What use does it serve in a society that has turned informal and relatively casual? Do manners and etiquette factor in one's corporate training?

Though much has changed in our fast-paced business life, good conduct and proper behavior will never go out of style. While it is true that manners and etiquette may change with the times, there are social behaviors that are timeless and universal, like saying “Thank you” and “Excuse me.” Others conform to a specific culture like our use of “po”and “opo” as a sign of respect when addressing elders, while new norms are born, as called for by the changing times, like email, phone, and text etiquette.

Business etiquette calls for high sensibility. In essence, it means being nice to all - not only to paying customers, but to everyone else in the workplace, from our superiors, the people in the team, and co-workers.

Good business etiquette requires a boss to manage his people well by eliciting the support of his staff, inspiring, and trusting them. Etiquette is at work when the personnel are team players. There is etiquette and protocol to observe when meeting with clients, making arrangements for the boss, canceling appointments. Telephone etiquette is a must for front liners who should always make a good impression. Table etiquette must likewise be practiced when wining and dining with corporate friends.

TalkShop’s Etiquette Training for Professionals” teaches the ABCs of business etiquette. From urbane behavior, corporate communications, good grooming, interrelationship manners, to dining etiquette. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO, holds your hand through the rules of good manners and etiquette any professional would greatly benefit to know and master.

Master the art of professional etiquette for the polish that impresses. This corporate training is essential part to create your winning brand.

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