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Saturday, December 03, 2011

What is Social Media?

Communication will never be the same with the advent of social media that has made business concerns faster and easier. Social media makes use of web-based technology centers on content. It is the creation of content, the exchange of ideas, and the simultaneous interaction that creates and engages a community that accounts for social media’s popularity.

How does social media differ from the traditional tri-media (i.e., newspapers, television, and film)? For one, social media is affordable, and mostly free. Hence, it poses the economical alternative in the face of tri-media’s spiraling rates. Social media is accessible. One needs only to be connected to the internet to access it, 24/7. The access is instantaneous, the reach global. This makes communication to any part of the world immediate, making it the most compelling communication tool.

With virtually everyone connected to the worldwide web, individuals, communities, and companies realize the need for strong online presence. Today we have social media jobs for writers, a social media campaign that gets people wired to a cause, social media consultants for the right strategies to employ. The web offers great potential that has paved the way for social media marketing that companies need to tap to hear the buzz on-line and be in the loop.

Avail these vast opportunities through TalkShop’s Social Media Language workshop. Master Netiquette, online etiquette to tread smoothly with your communication. Learn to write blogs, chats, and emails while integrating your branding and building trust in the social media sphere.

Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO takes you through the how-to’s, do’s and don’ts, and writing applications to help you, your community, and company navigate your way through the buzz on-line and put online communication to best use.

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