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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cross-Cultural Communication for Expats

TalkShop, a leading name in corporate training, offers Cross-Cultural Communication seminars to help ease Expats into their new work assignments in the Philippine setting. “This is in response to companies that realize the importance of cross-cultural training for the success of foreign assignments of their executives and the goodwill this will generate among partner companies,” says Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO.

“It is about learning our language, heritage, food, customs, and traditions. These form an integral part of the design, as well as knowing and understanding the dynamics of everyday life in corporate and social settings, and preparing expats for their new life by helping them become more open-minded, resilient, and self-aware of their leadership style ,” she explains.

In today’s global marketplace, Cross-Cultural Communication takes on greater relevance. As with any form of communication, competency is required. More so, in between differing cultures, Expats will need to keep an open mind, adopt a global outlook, uphold the commitment to adjust so as to blend in and be successful. TalkShop’s workshop will equip them with coping strategies - the do’s and don’ts, the know-how for them to tread smoothly, live and work harmoniously with Filipinos, to avoid or handle conflicts, do away with the negativity and thus reduce stress for themselves, their families, and people they mingle with.

Viesca takes on the interactive workshops that will be four-pronged: Defining the Filipino, Working with the Filipino, Communicating with the Filipino, and the Diversity of Philippine Culture and Settings. Relevant topics such as World Views /Cultural Energy, Asian Archetypes, Active Listening Dynamics, Values and Norms, among others make this an informative, educational, engaging, must-experience seminar. This is for foreigners who aim to build a successful career in the country through a seamless transition to local life.

TalkShop, which is affiliated with U.S.-based International English Education Research Association (IEERA), specializes in management and communication workshops.

For information and reservations, please call 894-5588, write to info@talkshop.ph, or log on to http://www.talkshop.ph

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