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Saturday, March 24, 2012

TalkShop Coaches SMART in Effective Call Handling

TalkShop Coaches SMART in Effective Call Handling

Smart Communications had taken a very important step in upgrading the quality of its call center service in line with the launching of its newly acquired account from Apple, Inc. - the iPhone 4s. TalkShop was fortunately its top choice to conduct a workshop on Premium Call Handling for its call center. On December 11 and 12, 2011 in Makati City, Smart Communications call handlers were given a professional coaching as regards telephoning and proper voice projection.

Employees of Smart were evaluated, and given tips and actual exercises to improve articulation, tonal quality, language skills, and vocal personality that convey business sensibility and acuity.

Many companies who transact business over the phone are losing clients because of poor call handling, and poor voice quality is the major factor in this. In fact, Canadian Press Online recently reported that Convergys in Halifax had to lay off call agents after the company lost a major client. Coincidentally, Tim Moynihan, VP of marketing at Empirix, who commissioned a study on why companies are failing, said that “nearly half of consumers felt that poor voice quality was a sign that companies didn't really care.”

“Since we are moving into a more globalized economy and competition is becoming harsh, local people should be shown the proper way of doing business. This way we are actually preparing them locally with globalization in mind. Look at the situation in call centers. The Philippines is fiercely competing against India in the call center industry largely because Filipinos are more educated in the English language than most of their Asian neighbors. If we fortify the way we conduct our local transactions, then we can move one step ahead and tackle business more effectively,” communication specialist Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Director of Communication, expounds. Sheila Viesca is driven to take Filipinos to the global arena by further enhancing their English communication skills.

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