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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Diplomatic Stance

I'm sure at times you've daydreamed of owning your own company, being the top of the corporate chain where you're giving orders instead of taking orders from your boss. The fact is, before you become the boss, you have to act like one. So let's discuss some points on how you can act like your company's next C.E.O.

The first point to remember is the handshake. Never give a loose handshake, it shows lack of confidence and insecurity. Always make sure your purlicue touches the other person's to show you're decisive and open to meet him. How long do you have to handshake? No longer than the time it takes you to say, "shake, shake".

Because you deserve it.

The second point to take note of is the walk. Even if a Hollywood star were to walk around in their pajamas you'd still find them charming by the way they carry themselves. The opposite is also true; no matter how well-dressed you are, if you walk like an extra in a movie, no one will notice you. Walking with confidence is simple: stick your chest out, hold your stomach in, keep shoulders at level, and sway your right shoulder forward as you take a step with your left then alternate. The general rule? Make yourself as tall as you can without tip-toeing. Do this while walking and you'll be making heads turn in every corner. This takes practice especially if you're wearing high heels.

The third point to keep in mind is your self-esteem. What the mind thinks, the body follows. It's important to internalize the idea that you deserve to be respected because you are a good leader. Believe in yourself and have the confidence that you'll be leading from the top someday. You are what you think you are so set your mind to being the company's next C.E.O.

Look forward to the next article where I'll be teaching you how to talk.
By TalkShop

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