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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Think Before Acting

Think before you act. It’s the best defense against offending people. Start by observing yourself and understanding why you tend to annoy people at times. It could be the way you talk, the way you act, or the way you say things. Remember those times when you were just being honest and your friend gave a violent reaction? Remember them and learn from them.

Didn't we have this conversation before?

You have to pay attention to other people as well. Their tone and actions speak louder than their words. Understand how they’re feeling before you react. After assessing yourself and the person, consider your options carefully. It’s not just a Yes or No, there are several ways you can react, and always choose the one that is Effective, Necessary, Accurate, Timely, and Appropriate. If it’s too long to remember, then just keep in mind: your reaction has to make a positive impact on the person.

Gauge the person’s reaction after you’ve given your response. If all goes well the other won’t take offense; otherwise, reflect on what went wrong. Was it your tone? 90% of arguments happen because of the wrong tone. Even if you were just being honest, other people could’ve found it offensive because of the way you said it.

You can’t avoid getting into an argument once in a while. When it comes to that, always communicate. Understand the other person and help him understand you. Once you’ve done that, repeat the first step and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes again. By: TalkShop

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