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Friday, June 08, 2012

Top Pharmaceutical Firms Brush Up on Communication Skills

Glaxo Smithkline, a leading pharmaceutical company chose TalkShop to conduct Communication ExcellenceWorkshops with Grammar Mastery/ Technical Writing and Speech Eloquence/ Assertive Communication in November 2011.

Pearly Joy Alinday, one of the front liners enjoyed the Technical Writing course specifically the grammar review and various writing applications like addressing customer complaints and writing letters of regret. “ I learned to polish my writing skills, while making sure that needs and wants of both internal and external customers are addressed in a positive way.” Arianne Tejada remarked that “ Speech Eloquence and Assertive Communication taught us how to use words to influence and persuade in a powerful way. And impact is greater with the right pronunciation, demeanor, and approach that will be put to good use in all our dealings.”

The workshops, conducted by Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO , underscored the importance of Emotional and Social Quotients on top of communication skills. “It is all about learning to handle one's self in different situations by expressing one’s own ideas, needs, and desired outcome in a positive way. Staying calm and composed is key to be able to manage the passive and aggressive behavior in others. Participants will learn assertiveness in language , demeanor, and body language to elicit results needed in the workplace for greater productivity and reduced stress. Assertiveness is a useful social skill for any company’s executives and frontliners who have to deal with different kinds of people for which difficult situations come with the territory,” she explains.

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