“Personal effectiveness is the core of our business.”
- Sheila Viesca, TalkShop

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Salesmanship Strategies by TalkShop

TalkShop, the leading training provider of language and culture programs, is now the choice of teams in the world of selling. Salespeople can further polish their skills and personality with the customized sales programs offered by TalkShop.

Golden Legacy Financing Corporation is one such organization that has recognized the importance of partnering with the right training group to bring out the best in their people. Golden Legacy Financing Corporation was incorporated in 1991 to operate as lending investor with the purpose of lending short-term funds to borrowers and accepting fund placements solely from family members. Today, AFP and Social Security System(SSS) pensioners are its main clientele.

The TalkShop workshop proved to be the secret formula when Golden Financing agents took part in the experience of harnessing their communication skills, selling strategies, and the power of their voice and personality. In the self-concept exercises, the participants were greatly intrigued upon discovering their true nature and personality. The Enneagram showed them how they can work best with different teams and customers. The participants gave their sales spill in front of a crowd for the first time, as their managers helped point out their strong points and areas for improvement. While many were enthusiastic some still needed some prodding before they could be comfortable with themselves and speak from the heart. As the lead consultant of TalkShop, Sheila Viesca says, “It’s important to be your best self when speaking in front of a crowd. What TalkShop does isn’t to change you but to bring out the best that you can be. It starts with you knowing and loving yourself. A healthy sense of self is your best foundation to excel in selling.” Staying true to her principles she allows all participants to find their own voice and improve their confidence by giving them positive reinforcement. The Positive-Negative-Positive method of constructive criticism is her way of helping participants improve.

All Golden Legacy Financing participants enjoyed the TalkShop workshop. Their confidence improved as they found that the competence and credibility of a salesperson, and speaker, lies in his ability to connect with different people. This is a skill anyone can attain but not everyone takes the initiative to learn. TalkShop invites everyone to take part in this journey of self-discovery to bring out the great salesperson within.

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