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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Beware: Dubious men on Valentine


This is not to intentionally crack up your perfect valentine date but if you have been told so many times to trust your heart, beware! As you may not know yet, the heart is the most deceitful of all things. No one can really understand it. So here are some pointers to save yourself the heartache of spending valentine’s day with the wrong man (again?)!
1.      Listen to your friends. If your friends don’t like the man you’re dating, you might as well send him off to your goodbye farm. Because you are most likely been blinded by his charm and guns, your friends can shed some light on you. It might hurt just a little at first but breaking it off at the relationship’s earliest stage is way better than breaking a year-long relationship where it might just be a tad too late.

2.      Different People, Different Mask. Do you think your date is way too good at pretending and shifting from one character to another as he meets different kinds of people? If yes, you should be alarmed that he can be a viable candidate for the “cheaters’ and liars’ press club.”

3.      He’s a Back-stabber. It is never cool for a man or a woman to talk behind people’s back. If he’s been chit-chattering bad things about people while commending them on their faces, he’s probably doing the same with you.

4.      The All-about-his-Ego Man. I’m sure you have seen this in movies many times – the all about me humblebrag. It’s all about you knowing what struggles and successes he experienced in life. It’s all about this egoistic epic story he created to lift his own chair. 

5.      It’s a One-Sided Relationship. Selfishness and pride go hand in hand. A relationship can only grow if two parties are willing to give themselves up to make each other happy. If you feel like you are always the one who is giving and sacrificing more, then maybe it is time for you to give him “the talk”. 

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