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Saturday, February 02, 2013

February Wishes

February Wishes

        Love has always been in the air even if it’s not the month of February. But what makes the love month more special is that Love Spells and Wishes could be more than just what we are expecting to find in the air. As the old saying goes, love loves to be told what it already knows. It wants to be asked for what it longs to give. So what do you desire to ask from Love this February? Make it count! Here are some February Wishes that is worth pondering about!
1.      to love being more productive
2.      to love building relationships
3.      to love going to workshops and try new classes
4.      to love blogging and reading books
5.      to love laughing
6.      to love praying and reading God’s word
7.      to love spending time with family
8.      to love giving to others
9.      to love being contented
10.  to love taking small steps to achieve dreams
11.  to love asking questions
12.  to love going on adventures
13.  to love going to the gym and getting back into shape
14.  to love giving more encouraging words
15.  to love spending less on materials things
16.  to love coming to office on time
17.  to love serving others more
18.  to love a non-smoking habit
19.  to love being more patient
20.  to love worrying less and giggling more

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