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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Brainy Men’s Social Media Strategy

Brainy Men’s Social Media Strategy

Creativity and strategy work well together, hence, an effective campaign. The wisest of the wise knows that vision without strategy is naught. Being able to determine the perfect medium to use in executing your vision is important. In today’s upbeat and on-the-go culture, the social media have briskly climbed the top rung of the ladder, becoming a necessity as important as food. If you want to build up your strategy to hit your target market and create an online presence, here are some points you can consider:
1.      Be proficient in the social media language: English and jargons. Study how to be articulate and spontaneous in speaking the ‘social media’ language. Jargons that are only used in social media sites have increased over time. The internet has opened up new demographics that are just waiting to be tapped. The best way to get into their culture is to learn their language.

2.      Practice blogging. Creating short, conversational and informative articles is what blogging is all about. It doesn’t have to be literary and serious. Through blogging, you can build up loyal readership, and create a credible online presence through the number of your followers, likes, shares, etc.

3.      Socialize via social networks. Building up connections goes beyond meeting people in parties and events. Follow-ups would come later on via adding them as friends in Facebook or Twitter. Now, there is more to getting your market/client’s attention and curiosity, there’s got to be a connection too, and you can easily achieve that using these networking sites.

4.      Build a Habit of Social Bookmarking. It is like earmarking a page on your favorite book and letting everybody access it online. Digg, Pinterest and the likes can help you get more hits through the use of certain keywords or phrases! This means that you won’t be running on the background with your competitors.

5.      Wikis. Wikipedia allows your consumers to share their own inputs on a certain product or project. One of the greatest things about social media is that it opens up a whole new channel for your readers/market to participate actively in all your endeavors. Social media is a very empowering tool that gives passive audiences the means to voice out their opinions.

Do you ever wonder why Mark Zuckerberg is considered an icon? It is because he has a vision and the means to implement it. He was aware of the fact that he could use social media to his advantage.
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