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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

TalkShop's Corporate Solutions for LQs

TalkShop's Corporate Solutions for LQs

A number of love-related articles have been circulating in the Internet. I can’t help but wonder which one of them is right and is the most effective. Some would claim their advices came from experience. After all, experience is the greatest teacher. It is equally true that experiences vary from one individual to another, but established and proven techniques and methods about communication more often than not would give us more precision and accuracy in dealing with spats.

Here are 6 corporate-love solutions that can help your relationship grow stronger each day:
1.      Content development and delivery. Do not fret. It only means that you have to pause for a moment, before rebutting an argument. It also means watching your tone and the way you deliver your arguments. Remember, harsh words stir up anger. So carefully choose your words. If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.

2.      Humor. A light touch of humor can help you break the ice. It doesn’t mean that you are not taking things seriously. Being civil, calm, and light-hearted can help you deal with problems more rationally and can even help you realize that whatever that is you and your partner are fighting about is not a big deal after all.

3.      The power of non-verbal communication. Body language, gestures, and proximity are frequently used metaphorically in movies to show affection that can’t be written in words. The same is true in real life. Two of the five love languages are at work here. You can use the power of physical touch and do acts of service to woo your partner.

4.      Visual aids. There was not a period in history where audio-visual presentations were very much appreciated and lauded than now. Posting a couple of your holiday photos or doing a montage of photos and video as a present or make-up gift for your partner will be very much appreciated.

5.      Going before a panel of experts. It is always wise to seek wisdom from your parents or your friends who have been through the ups and downs of preserving a relationship. Pray for wisdom and encouragement to execute your plans well. You have to admit that there are problems that you can’t handle.  Have an open and listening heart and be receptive to criticisms.

6.      Managing Entropy. There is just a handful of information that we can take in. There will be moments when you would doubt yourself and your confidence will slowly dwindle. But take heart. Everybody fails at some point. The more important and pressing action to do about it is to reflect on it, manage your emotions by praying and being honest with what you truly feel and ask for grace and empowerment so you can change your ways and improve on your relationship.

True love is an unconditional commitment toward an imperfect person. You work on it; you put your best into it for your partner’s highest good, but this will often requires sacrifice. 

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